Female Composer Accuses Danny Elfman of Sexual Harassment After $830K Settlement Agreement

Danny Elfman

Composer Danny Elfman is facing serious allegations of sexual harassment from Nomi Abadi, a Grammy-nominated pianist and composer. A new investigation by Rolling Stone reveals that Abadi filed a police report in 2017, claiming that Elfman sexually harassed her in 2015 and 2016. As per the report, Abadi claimed that Elfman indecently exposed himself and engaged in inappropriate behavior multiple times in her presence. Elfman denies all accusations and insists that their relationship was platonic.

Abadi, who signed a settlement agreement with Elfman in 2018 for $830,000, is now suing him for breach of contract for failing to make all the settlement payments. The lawsuit comes after Rolling Stone’s investigation brought the allegations to light.

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In response to the allegations, Elfman released a statement to Rolling Stone, denying any wrongdoing and expressing his dismay over the damaging impact the accusations could have on his 50-year career. He stated that Abadi’s claims are “wholly false” and that he allowed an ill-advised friendship to have unintended consequences. Elfman’s spokesperson also provided documents, including screenshots of text messages and emails, as evidence to support Elfman’s denial.

Rolling Stone spoke to friends of Abadi who corroborated many of her allegations. They recalled her excitement when she met Elfman and her hope that he would mentor her and help her career. However, they were disturbed by the inappropriate conduct she allegedly experienced during her visits to Elfman’s recording studio.

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Abadi, known for her activism, has been vocal about the toxic culture in the music industry. She founded the Female Composer Safety League (FCSL) to empower women in the business and expose abusive conditions in composing studios.

Elfman’s career has been illustrious, with over 100 film scores to his name, including iconic works like “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and “Spider-Man.” He has been associated with Tim Burton on numerous projects and contributed to various superhero movies and blockbuster franchises. Yet, these accusations have the potential to damage his standing and public image.

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The case also sheds light on the music industry’s issues with harassment, which has often been overlooked during the #MeToo movement. Abadi’s decision to come forward despite signing a non-disclosure agreement highlights the difficult choices that survivors face in pursuing justice.

As the legal battle unfolds, both sides are standing their ground. Elfman’s spokesperson asserts that the allegations are baseless and part of a long-standing demand for money from Elfman and his family. On the other hand, Abadi’s legal team is committed to seeking justice for their client and standing up against harassment in the music industry. The lawsuit could have significant implications for both Elfman’s career and the broader conversation about harassment and abuse in the entertainment world.