Gabrielle Union compares her real-life age-gap relationship to Netflix’s ‘Perfect Find’

Gabrielle Union

Get ready for a new romantic comedy called “The Perfect Find” on Netflix. The movie stars Gabrielle Union and Keith Powers in a love story with an interesting twist. Union, who is married to former NBA player Dwyane Wade, can personally relate to her character’s experience of being in a relationship with someone younger. Both Union and Powers have faced public scrutiny in their personal lives, making them understand the challenges of dealing with public breakups.

In the movie, Jenna, played by Gabrielle Union, is a successful fashion media mogul in her forties, facing career challenges after a recent breakup. She falls in love with her new boss’s son, a fresh college graduate with videographer skills. The movie goes beyond the script for Union, as she draws from her own life experiences. She mentions that in the beginning, her husband’s mother had concerns about their age difference, but they worked through it.

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Powers also relates to the public aspect of breakups. He shares his own experience of going through a public breakup and the difficulties of having his personal life scrutinized by others. Both actors agree that when personal life becomes public, the truth often gets distorted and lost in the media.

“The Perfect Find” follows Jenna as she tries to rebuild her life after a media nightmare. She jumps back into the fashion industry by working for her frenemy’s magazine. It’s a common job for rom-com women, as seen in movies like “Never Been Kissed,” “Sleepless in Seattle,” and the “Sex and the City” series. Union explains that journalists make great rom-com characters because they are natural thinkers and their worldview tends to be bigger. This allows for easier storytelling as they navigate their lives and relationships.

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Powers, who is 20 years younger than Union, recalls watching her on screen when he was younger. He specifically mentions her role in the iconic movie “Bring it On” and praises her performance in “Bad Boys II.” The chemistry and age gap between Union and Powers add an intriguing dynamic to their characters’ relationship in “The Perfect Find.”

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“The Perfect Find” promises to be a fun and relatable romantic comedy with its unique twist on age-gap relationships. Audiences can look forward to enjoying the chemistry between Gabrielle Union and Keith Powers as they bring this charming story to life on the screen.