Gal Gadot, who plays Wonder Woman, experiences impostor syndrome

Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot, the renowned actress known for her portrayal of Wonder Woman, recently revealed that she grapples with impostor syndrome. Despite her success, she admits to frequently doubting herself and worrying about whether people will appreciate her work.

In a cover interview with L’Officiel magazine, Gadot opened up about her feelings of being an imposter in her profession. She expressed gratitude for the opportunity to pursue her true passion but confessed that she always harbors doubts about whether audiences will embrace her performances. Rather than assuming people will love her work, she remains hopeful that it will be well-received.

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To cope with this psychological phenomenon that makes individuals feel like frauds, Gadot shared an impactful piece of advice she received from legendary Hollywood director Francis Ford Coppola. According to Gadot, Coppola, who is 84 years old, revealed that he too constantly experiences doubts and fears of rejection. However, he encouraged her to trust her instincts and approach her craft with humility.

During the interview, Gadot also discussed her experience working with her husband, Jaron Varsano, on the film ‘Heart Of Stone’. She explained that while she takes on the starring role in the movie, her husband, with his astute business mind, looks after her interests. Trusting him completely, she believes that no one else could protect her interests better than her life partner.

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In addition, Gadot shared her excitement about portraying the Evil Queen in the upcoming ‘Snow White’ film. She described the opportunity as a significant shift for her, as she gets to delve into her theatrical and dark side while showcasing her singing abilities.

Acknowledging the various roles she plays in her life, Gadot admitted that she finds motherhood to be more challenging than acting. She believes that being a mother is both the hardest and most rewarding aspect of her life. Despite the difficulties, she cherishes her role as a mother and recognizes its importance.

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By candidly discussing her struggles with impostor syndrome and offering personal insights, Gal Gadot provides a glimpse into her journey as an actress and a woman navigating the complexities of her multifaceted life. Her willingness to share her vulnerabilities serves as an inspiration to others who may also experience similar feelings of self-doubt.