Guns N’ Roses’ Slash Collaborates with Mark Ronson on Ryan Gosling’s Barbie Song, ‘I’m Just a Ken’

Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson, the songwriter-producer, recently revealed an exciting collaboration on Ryan Gosling’s character song, “I’m Just a Ken,” during the premiere of Barbie. Ronson praised Gosling’s performance and casually mentioned that legendary Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash is featured on the record.

In an interview with Variety, Ronson shared his experience working with Gosling and expressed his surprise at the actor’s impressive musical talent. He mentioned that they spent a few hours in the studio discussing and creating music. As Gosling got more comfortable, Ronson realized that his rendition of the song would be outstanding. After all, Gosling’s portrayal of Ken in the movie made him the perfect fit for the track.

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After a year, Ronson sent Gosling the final version of the song, which included Slash’s contribution. The La La Land star was thrilled and satisfied with the outcome. Ronson explained that Slash, being his ultimate hero, was not someone he knew well, but he decided to reach out and ask for his collaboration. To Ronson’s delight, Slash loved the song and agreed to play on it. Slash’s guitar solo at the end, along with his rhythm parts, added a wonderful touch to the track.

The unexpected collaboration between Ryan Gosling, Mark Ronson, and Slash brings a unique blend of talent to the Barbie soundtrack. The inclusion of Slash’s iconic guitar playing adds an exciting element to the song, making it even more memorable for fans.

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The news of Slash’s involvement in the song has generated significant buzz among music enthusiasts and fans of the Barbie franchise. The combination of Gosling’s vocals, Ronson’s production skills, and Slash’s guitar expertise promises a captivating musical experience.

The Barbie premiere showcased the star-studded collaboration and left audiences eagerly anticipating the release of the song. With such notable talents coming together, the track is expected to be a standout addition to the Barbie soundtrack.

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Overall, the inclusion of Slash on Ryan Gosling’s “I’m Just a Ken” brings a dynamic and unexpected twist to the song. Fans can look forward to a captivating and memorable musical experience when they hear the combined talents of these renowned artists on the Barbie soundtrack.