Harry Styles gets hit in the face by an object thrown during a concert in Vienna, warning to pop stars.

Harry Styles

Pop stars these days have to watch out for flying objects thrown by fans during their concerts. The latest incident involved Grammy-winning artist Harry Styles, who was struck in the face by an object while performing at a sold-out show in Vienna, Austria. A video shared by Pop Crave showed the impact, indicating that it must have been quite painful for Styles.

This is not the first time Styles has been on the receiving end of such an incident. He was previously hit by a bouquet of flowers in Cardiff, Wales, and last year, someone threw a handful of Skittles at him during a concert in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, it seems that audiences have been increasingly turning against their favorite pop stars, resulting in a rise in these random acts of aggression.

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In a similar vein, last month, a man was arrested for assaulting singer Bebe Rexha by throwing his cell phone at her face. Country artist Kelsea Ballerini also experienced a similar incident when she was struck by a projectile while performing. Even rising pop star Ava Max was not spared, as a concertgoer rushed onto the stage and slapped her during a performance.

Perhaps the most bizarre incident involved Pink, who had someone throw their mother’s ashes at her during a concert in London. She expressed her mixed feelings about the incident, not knowing how to react to such a strange act.

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These incidents have prompted artists like Adele to speak out against the lack of concert etiquette. During one of her recent shows in her Las Vegas residency, Adele addressed the issue, warning fans about throwing objects on stage. She even playfully threatened the audience, daring them to throw something at her while brandishing a t-shirt cannon.

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It is unfortunate that some fans have forgotten proper concert etiquette and have resorted to harmful and disruptive behavior. These incidents not only pose a danger to the artists but also spoil the experience for other concertgoers. It is important for fans to show respect and appreciation for their favorite artists without resorting to such actions. Everyone attending concerts should have a fun and secure time.