HBO Moves Quickly to Dispel Rumors of ‘The Idol’ Coming to an End

The Idol

HBO’s new show, The Idol, is facing rumors of cancellation after just two episodes of its first season. The series has stirred controversy with its portrayal of a toxic relationship between a popular musician and a questionable club owner. The show experienced a significant drop in viewership, with a 12% decline between its first and second episodes. This decline has led to speculations that The Idol may not be renewed for another season.

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An article initially published by the New York Post’s Page Six fueled these rumors, stating that The Idol would not return for a second season due to difficulties with The Weeknd, a co-creator of the show who also plays the role of club owner Tedros. According to an insider source, working with The Weeknd was described as “not an ideal experience” and someone they were not eager to work with again. The Weeknd was even labeled as “egomaniacal.” However, it is worth noting that another source close to the production described The Weeknd as “beloved” and highlighted his generosity in opening his home to the cast and crew, with a significant portion of the show being filmed there.

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Afterward, The Daily Beast reported that the original article was inaccurate and being revised. The revised headline from the New York Post stated, “Fate of ‘The Idol’ up in the air amid criticism of The Weeknd’s ‘egomaniacal’ behavior.” An HBO source clarified that no decision regarding a second season has been made yet, emphasizing that it is still early in the process. The final verdict rests with Casey Bloys, the head of HBO, who remains optimistic about the show’s future. Despite this statement, the lack of a full vote of confidence from the network indicates that the series may face an uphill battle to continue.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, The Idol star Lily-Rose Depp shared her experiences working with The Weeknd. She mentioned that when The Weeknd was fully immersed in character as Tedros, she would purposefully avoid him on set. Depp expressed her admiration for The Weeknd’s commitment to his role and acknowledged the difficulty of melting into a character as he did.

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While The Idol initially generated significant buzz and featured talented individuals, reports suggest that HBO had reservations about the show’s potential from the beginning. The decline in viewership and mixed reception may have reinforced these concerns. The uncertain fate of The Idol raises questions about its long-term viability and whether it will continue beyond its first season. Only time will tell if the show can overcome the challenges it currently faces and find a path to a second season.