Hilaria Baldwin admits she takes on a maternal role with Alec Baldwin at times

Hilaria Baldwin

Hilaria Baldwin recently discussed her role in caring for her family and her marriage to actor Alec Baldwin in a candid interview with Romper.

During the interview, Hilaria reflected on the dynamics of their relationship and addressed the perception that she married Alec due to “daddy issues” because of their significant age difference. Hilaria clarified that it is quite the opposite, stating, “Am I his mommy? Sometimes I’m his mommy. Sometimes. At the beginning of our relationship, everyone was like, ‘She must have daddy issues because she’s married to somebody older.’ But it’s actually the opposite.”

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Hilaria and Alec have been married since June 2012 and have seven children together. Their children include Carmen, nine; Rafael, seven; Leonardo, six; Romeo, five; Eduardo and Marilu, both two years old; and their youngest, Ilaria, who is only seven months old. Hilaria expressed her deep love for her role as a mother and the joy she finds in caring for her family.

While Hilaria shared her appreciation for the experience of giving birth, she hinted that Ilaria might be their last child together. She confessed to feeling a bit hesitant about parting with her maternity clothes, jokingly stating, “I’m afraid to give them away because then I’ll find out I’m pregnant.” However, she acknowledged that Ilaria would likely be their final addition to the family.

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In addition to discussing their family life, Hilaria touched upon Alec’s recent hip replacement surgery. The actor underwent the procedure last month and is currently in the recovery phase.

Hilaria’s interview with Romper shed light on the dynamics of her relationship with Alec and emphasized the love and dedication she has for her family. Despite the public’s perception, Hilaria made it clear that their age difference has no bearing on the strength of their relationship. With their growing brood, Hilaria continues to embrace her role as a mother and cherishes the special moments she shares with her children.

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As Alec recovers from his surgery, the Baldwin family remains focused on supporting each other and enjoying the journey of parenthood. Hilaria’s openness about her experiences provides a glimpse into their lives and showcases the love and joy they find in their roles as parents and partners.