Ice Spice and Taylor Swift’s ‘Karma’ Collaboration Sets New Streaming Record for Female Rapper

Ice Spice

Ice Spice, a rising star in the world of hip-hop, has achieved a significant milestone in her career by breaking a streaming record previously set by a legendary rap icon. The Bronx rapper made history with her collaboration on the remix of “Karma” with Taylor Swift, which was released as a bonus track on Swift’s album “Midnights (The Til Dawn Edition).”

According to Chart Data, Ice Spice has achieved the largest streaming debut for a female rapper in Spotify’s global history. The song garnered an impressive 5.036 million streams on its first day, marking a monumental achievement for Ice Spice. The collaboration with Taylor Swift also propelled Ice Spice to achieve the biggest streaming day of her career on Spotify.

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Ice Spice’s record-breaking feat surpassed the previous record held by Nicki Minaj, her collaborator on the track “Princess Diana.” Minaj’s hit song “Super Freaky Girl” had amassed 3.021 million streams on its opening day when it was released in August 2022.

Ice Spice expressed her excitement about the achievement by sharing Chart Data’s tweet and writing, “swifties x munchkins =,” acknowledging the support she received from Taylor Swift’s fanbase.

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Taylor Swift also took to social media to show her appreciation for Ice Spice and their collaboration. During Swift’s recent concert in Jersey, the duo performed “Karma” together for the first time. The audience was thrilled by their joint performance, and Taylor Swift used the opportunity to debut the music video for “Karma,” which she directed herself. In an Instagram post, she expressed her love for Ice Spice and the enthusiastic crowd, sharing her excitement about the upcoming shows.

Ice Spice, overwhelmed by the love and support she received, expressed her gratitude to Taylor Swift and her fans. She thanked the “swifties” (Taylor Swift’s fans) for their immense love and also extended her appreciation to her own loyal fanbase, whom she affectionately referred to as her “munchkins.”

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This achievement marks another milestone in Ice Spice’s rapidly rising career. With her undeniable talent and strong fan base, she is solidifying her position as one of hip-hop’s most promising newcomers. The collaboration with Taylor Swift has not only garnered streaming success but has also provided Ice Spice with a valuable platform to showcase her skills to a wider audience.

As Ice Spice’s star continues to ascend, fans eagerly anticipate her future releases and collaborations. With her unique style and impressive achievements, she is poised to make a lasting impact on the hip-hop industry.