Idris Elba Reveals He Kissed Beyoncé Within 20 Minutes of Meeting Her for ‘Obsessed’ Movie.

Idris Elba

Beyoncé, the famous singer, also tried her hand at acting in the 2009 movie called “Obsessed.” In the film, she starred alongside Idris Elba, known for his role in “The Wire.” Interestingly, they had to share intimate moments on screen shortly after meeting each other.

Both Beyoncé and Elba played a married couple in “Obsessed,” with Ali Larter joining them as a character who becomes infatuated with Elba’s character. Elba was drawn to the role because it offered him a chance to showcase his versatility as an actor. Many people knew him for his iconic role as Stringer Bell in “The Wire,” and “Obsessed” allowed him to portray a character vastly different from Bell.

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Elba also appreciated that the film featured an African-American couple in leading roles. He found it noteworthy that their race wasn’t made into a central issue in the movie. In an interview with Oprah, Elba mentioned that the representation of an African-American couple in a thriller without it being a topic of discussion was a significant and positive aspect of the film.

When Elba and Beyoncé met for the first time, it was a bit uncomfortable as they had to film a kissing scene within just 20 minutes of meeting. Elba admitted feeling nervous about kissing Beyoncé and couldn’t believe he was actually doing it. Despite the initial awkwardness, he had kind words to say about Beyoncé’s professionalism and talent.

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Prior to “Obsessed,” Beyoncé had already appeared in movies like “Dreamgirls.” However, “Obsessed” allowed her to showcase her acting skills and delve into a more dramatic role. Beyoncé enjoyed the experience because it gave her an outlet to express her emotions, something she often keeps contained due to her professional persona. She found it exhilarating to release those pent-up emotions through acting, particularly in dramatic roles.

Beyoncé credited Elba for helping her in her performance. She praised his abilities as an actor and mentioned that working with him was a learning experience. Elba, too, spoke highly of Beyoncé, describing her as a talented and generous actress. He admired her professionalism and appreciated the time they spent together, bouncing ideas off each other and making the script their own.

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Overall, Beyoncé and Elba had a positive experience working together on “Obsessed.” They held each other in high regard and acknowledged the impact they had on each other’s performances. Despite the initial discomfort of their first meeting, their collaboration proved successful, resulting in a memorable film for both actors.