Indonesian Teen with Amazing Voice Wins Golden Buzzer on ‘AGT’: Watch the Incredible Moment


It’s been an incredible season of America’s Got Talent, and the latest sensation is 17-year-old Putri Ariani from Indonesia.

Putri, who is blind, showcased her remarkable talent as a singer during her audition. She expressed her dream of becoming a diva like Whitney Houston and winning a Grammy Award, and America’s Got Talent was her chance to make that dream a reality.

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With her parents watching from the wings, Putri took to the stage and captivated the audience with an original song. Playing the piano, her heartfelt ballad showcased her perfect-pop tones, mature vocals, and incredible control.

The crowd erupted in applause and Simon Cowell was so moved that he couldn’t resist joining Putri on stage. He asked her to perform another song, Elton John’s “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word,” which she dedicated to him.

The judges were in awe of Putri’s talent. Sofia Vergara described her as an angel, and Howie Mandel believed that an angel had landed on the stage. Heidi Klum praised her beautiful voice, and Simon Cowell commended her songwriting skills, unique voice, and radiant presence.

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In an unforgettable moment, Simon Cowell pressed the Golden Buzzer, showering Putri with golden confetti. This honor is bestowed upon only the most exceptional acts on the show, and Putri truly deserved it.

Putri’s golden performance follows the previous week’s golden moment with South Africa’s Mzansi Youth Choir. It’s clear that this season of America’s Got Talent is filled with incredible talent and heartfelt performances that leave a lasting impact.

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As Putri moves forward in the competition, she has not only won the hearts of the judges and the audience but has also shown the world the power of determination and talent. Her dream of becoming a diva and winning a Grammy Award is now within reach, and America’s Got Talent is the platform to make it happen.