Is Brayden the Troublemaker on ‘The Bachelorette’? Charity Raises Concerns


Every season of The Bachelor/ette has its fair share of drama, and it seems like Brayden is taking on the role of the villain in Charity Lawson’s season. Despite receiving the coveted first impression rose on The Bachelorette Season 20 premiere, some of the other contestants are skeptical about his intentions. Brayden’s confident demeanor and his prediction of receiving the rose rubbed some of the men, including Charity’s brother Nehemiah, the wrong way.

Nehemiah expressed his concerns to Charity, highlighting Brayden’s transition from confidence to arrogance and cockiness. Nehemiah even mentioned that Brayden seemed confident that he would receive the rose. However, Charity sees Brayden’s bold personality and charisma in a different light. She believes that it is just his way of being, and it shines through in his interactions with her.

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The tension among the contestants escalates in the July 3 episode. Adrian Hassan, a fellow contestant, hears Brayden’s frustrations about not getting a group date rose and questions Adrian’s worthiness of the dodgeball MVP award. Adrian decides to address his concerns with Charity, expressing that some of the men are treating the experience like a “spring break” rather than taking it seriously.

Brayden further adds to the drama by expressing his disapproval of Charity’s group date, particularly her extended kiss with Joey Graziadei, which he feels disrespected the other men. He questions whether he can have a genuine relationship with her. However, after a conversation with Charity, it appears that they resolve their differences and find some common ground.

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But the drama doesn’t end there. Adrian informs Charity that Brayden described her actions as “classless,” leaving her feeling confused and torn between two conflicting stories. Unsure of what to do, Charity contemplates her decision before the rose ceremony. In the end, she decides to keep both Brayden and Adrian, setting the stage for even more potential drama in the upcoming weeks.

As for Brayden’s fate, potential spoilers indicate that his time on the show may be limited. According to Reality Steve, a reliable source of Bachelor/ette spoilers, Brayden is eliminated during a group date between the fourth and fifth rose ceremonies. This suggests that his reign as the villain might not last much longer.

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Only time will tell how the events unfold and whether Brayden’s villainous persona will have a lasting impact on the season. The Bachelorette continues to captivate viewers with its mix of romance and drama, and fans will eagerly await each episode to see how the journey unfolds for Charity and the remaining contestants.