Jackie O is ready to start dating again

Jackie O

Jackie O, a popular radio personality, recently announced that she is ready to start dating again. During a discussion on her radio show, she mentioned that she had been approached by Channel 10 to become the next Bachelorette, a reality TV dating show. However, she firmly declined the offer, stating that she would never consider doing something like that. Although the show is entertaining for viewers, Jackie emphasized that it wouldn’t be the right fit for her.

When asked about the amount of money offered to her, Jackie didn’t reveal the exact figure but hinted that it was over $300,000, which is the reported earnings of another celebrity who participated in the show. Despite the tempting salary, Jackie remained adamant that no amount of money would convince her to sign on as the Bachelorette. She expressed concerns about the authenticity of the connections formed on the show and believed that it wouldn’t be a suitable dating experience for her.

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Jackie also revealed that she had spoken to Sophie Monk, a former Bachelorette, about her experience on the show. According to Jackie, Sophie confirmed that finding a compatible partner on the show was challenging. This further reinforced Jackie’s decision to pursue dating outside the realm of reality television.

At 48 years old, Jackie mentioned that she is interested in dating men between the ages of 35 and 55. She expressed a desire to go on casual dates and enjoy the process of getting to know someone without the added pressure and scrutiny that comes with being on a TV show.

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During the radio show, Jackie’s co-host Kyle attempted to pry into her dating prospects by trying to steal her phone. However, Jackie playfully guarded her phone, fearing that discussing her potential dates on air might scare them away. She wanted to maintain a level of privacy and allow her dating life to unfold naturally.

Jackie has had previous marriages, including one to UK photographer Lee Henderson from 2003 to 2018, with whom she shares a 12-year-old daughter named Catalina ‘Kitty’ Mae Henderson. Before that, she was married to her former radio co-host ‘Ugly’ Phil O’Neil.

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With her announcement of being ready to date again, Jackie O is looking forward to exploring new connections and experiences outside the realm of reality TV. She values genuine connections and believes that real-life dating offers a better opportunity to find a compatible partner.