Jade Cargill Goes to Hollywood Unlocked Impact 2023 Awards

Jade Cargill

Jade Cargill, known for her impressive reign as the inaugural AEW TBS Champion, has recently been making waves in the wrestling world. Holding the title for over 500 days and winning 60 consecutive matches, she established herself as a dominant force in the ring. However, since dropping the title at Double or Nothing, she has been absent from AEW programming.

During her time away, Cargill has been enjoying a well-deserved vacation and supporting the fastpitch franchise that she co-owns. But she made a notable appearance on June 27 at the Hollywood Unlocked Impact 2023 Awards. The Hollywood Unlocked platform, founded by culture critic and media mogul Jason Lee, focuses on providing the latest news and insights on the world of Hollywood, with a special emphasis on Black voices and experiences.

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The Impact 2023 Awards aimed to celebrate the Black community by bringing together individuals from the fields of music, film, social media, and politics. The star-studded event saw the attendance of renowned personalities such as Chloe and Halle, Babyface, Yvette Nicole Brown, and Law Roach. The awards show was hosted by the talented comedian and actress Tiffany Haddish.

Following the event, Jade Cargill took to social media to share her experiences. She posted a photo with Law Roach, a retired stylist known for his exceptional work in the fashion industry. Additionally, she tweeted a video from the red carpet featuring Grammy award winner Muni Long, whom she referred to as a “hometown legend.” Muni Long performed her hit song “Hrs & Hrs” during the show, adding to the overall excitement of the evening.

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Expressing her perspective on being outside the wrestling bubble, Cargill tweeted that she was enjoying the experience and might consider staying in that realm. Her statement drew a response from a Twitter user who emphasized that it was AEW that made her famous and urged her not to forget that fact. Cargill promptly addressed the comment, acknowledging that AEW played a significant role in her fame but reminding the user that many of her fans knew her before her wrestling career began.

In response to another fan’s inquiry about her return to AEW, Cargill simply replied with a “no.” It was previously reported by Fightful Select that she would be taking some time off and potentially returning with a different persona in the future. The specifics of her comeback date remain unclear at this time.

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Jade Cargill’s presence at the Hollywood Unlocked Impact 2023 Awards showcased her versatility and the recognition she has gained beyond the wrestling ring. While her fans eagerly await her return to AEW, she continues to explore opportunities and engage with different aspects of the entertainment industry.