Jalen Rose attends sitcom school alongside Malcolm-Jamal Warner

Jalen Rose

When Malcolm-Jamal Warner was around 7 years old, he made a prediction about his future. He told his parents that he would become either a famous poet, actor, or basketball player. He later gained fame for his role as Theo Huxtable on “The Cosby Show” and proved himself to be a multi-talented individual with skills in music and poetry. Recently, he starred in Fox’s anthology series “Accused.”

Malcolm-Jamal’s father attended the same university as poet Gil Scott-Heron, which exposed him to the world of arts and intellect. His taste in sitcoms was influenced by his desire to see people who looked like him on television, and he particularly enjoyed the show “Benson” because of the intelligent lead character. However, it was his role on “The Cosby Show” that had a significant impact. The show not only changed America but also gave legitimacy to the black middle class.

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Being part of such a groundbreaking show filled him with pride and gratitude. He understood that he represented more than just himself; he represented the values and messages of the show. This led him to set boundaries for himself and be mindful of his conduct.

“The Cosby Show” opened doors for Malcolm-Jamal. As a teenager, he hosted “Saturday Night Live” and had the opportunity to choose the musical guest, selecting Run-DMC. He also directed a music video for New Edition and had exposure to the golden era of rap in New York. He even had an encounter with LL Cool J, who recognized him and expressed his aspirations for fame.

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However, Malcolm-Jamal now has a complicated relationship with modern hip-hop. He believes that it celebrates negative aspects such as black death, drugs, self-hatred, and misogyny. While acknowledging the controversy surrounding Bill Cosby’s views on the younger generation, he understands the intention behind Cosby’s messages and believes that the hip-hop culture negatively affects young people’s psyche.

In addition to his acting and music, Malcolm-Jamal is a poet at heart. He resists being labeled solely as a musician and emphasizes that his music has never been his primary source of income. He recently released his fourth album, “Hiding in Plain View,” which received a Grammy nomination. The album delves into self-healing and explores his views on black culture.

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Throughout his journey, Malcolm-Jamal has gained wisdom and perspective. He now understands that it’s okay for people not to like him, a realization he wishes he had known earlier. Despite it all, he remains a beloved figure to many.