James Cameron Compares Tragic Titan Submersible Incident to Titanic: ‘It’s Unreal’

James Cameron

James Cameron, the director of the movie “Titanic,” has shared his thoughts on the tragic incident involving a submersible that was headed to explore the real-life sunken ship. During his interview with ABC News, James Cameron compared the tragedy of the Titan submersible to the infamous sinking of the Titanic in 1912.

Cameron, who himself has conducted 33 deep-sea dives to the Titanic wreckage site, discussed the concerns raised about the safety of the Titan submersible. He mentioned that experts in deep submergence engineering had expressed their worries about the experimental nature of the submersible and its suitability for carrying passengers.

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Reflecting on the similarities between the two tragedies, Cameron emphasized the warnings that went unheeded. He likened the Titanic’s captain disregarding ice warnings and steaming into an ice field to the tragic incident involving the Titan submersible. Cameron found it astonishing and surreal that such a similar tragedy occurred at the same location where diving expeditions are frequently conducted worldwide.

Following the incident, search and rescue teams recovered parts of the submersible near the Titanic wreckage site. The passengers on board, including Cameron’s friend Paul Henri-Nargeolet, were unfortunately found dead. Henri-Nargeolet had extensive experience diving to the Titanic wreckage and was a respected figure in the underwater research field.

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The loss of Henri-Nargeolet deeply impacted Cameron, who described the community involved in deep-sea exploration as small and tight-knit. He expressed his difficulty in comprehending the tragic way in which his friend had passed away.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the risks associated with deep-sea diving and the importance of prioritizing safety measures. Cameron’s comparison between the Titan submersible tragedy and the Titanic highlights the need to learn from past mistakes and ensure that proper precautions are taken in future explorations.

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Overall, the incident has left James Cameron and the diving community deeply saddened, emphasizing the significance of maintaining safety standards in all underwater expeditions.