James Gunn explains the presence of a particular Batman in the DC Universe (DCU)

James Gunn

The Flash movie has made changes to the DC continuity, as expected in superhero films. It introduced a timeline-hopping storyline inspired by the Flashpoint comic and marked James Gunn’s takeover as DC’s creative director, signaling a fresh start for the DC Extended Universe (DCEU).

In the film, Barry Allen (played by Ezra Miller) restores the timeline, but with one notable exception: George Clooney’s version of Batman from Batman & Robin (1997) replaces Ben Affleck’s Batman. This surprising twist raises questions about the future of Batman in the DC Universe under Gunn’s direction.

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Gunn clarified the Batman situation when asked by a fan on Threads. He straightforwardly stated that George Clooney is not the DCU Batman. This simple response seems wise and avoids any confusion.

Clooney has openly expressed his dissatisfaction with his portrayal of Batman in Batman & Robin. He has criticized the film and admitted that he didn’t perform well in the role. Clooney’s cameo in The Flash was a positive way to revisit the character, but it was never intended for him to take on the role full-time.

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It was challenging to secure Clooney for the cameo, and it was more of a last-minute idea by director Andy Muschietti. Clooney’s involvement was limited to a quick and efficient one-day shoot. Considering his established career and age (62), it’s unlikely that Clooney would commit to a franchise role at this stage.

Gunn’s approach is to let veteran actors like Clooney and Michael Keaton (who portrays an older Batman in The Flash) step back from major roles and focus on younger actors who are willing to appear in multiple films.

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The anticipation remains as fans await the official casting announcement for the DCU Batman, keeping the excitement alive for the future of the superhero franchise.