James Marsden and Ronald Gladden celebrated their Emmy nominations for Jury Duty with wild enthusiasm, resembling “drunk college buddies”.

James Marsden and Ronald Gladden

Jury Duty stars James Marsden and Ronald Gladden are celebrating their Emmy nominations. The hit comedy series received four Emmy nods, including Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for Marsden, Outstanding Casting for a Comedy Series, and Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series. Marsden, who plays a fictionalized version of himself, called Gladden, his onscreen-turned-real-life best friend, as soon as he heard the news.

Marsden was ecstatic when he called Gladden, and they both yelled in excitement like drunk college buddies. Although the show is a genre-bending comedy mockumentary about jury duty, where everyone except Gladden is an improv actor, their friendship grew stronger throughout filming. Once Gladden discovered the truth behind the show, their bond deepened even further.

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Marsden wants Gladden to fully enjoy this special moment, as Jury Duty’s Emmy nominations are a reflection of their hard work. Marsden himself is still processing his first-ever Emmy nomination and feeling proud and elated. He didn’t expect the nominations and initially planned to sleep in and find out later. But he woke up early and was filled with anticipation. When he congratulated executive producer David Bernad for another show’s nomination, he was surprised to learn that Jury Duty was nominated as well.

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The fan response to Jury Duty has been overwhelming for Marsden, considering it started as a small experiment in an abandoned courthouse. He had doubts about the show’s moral implications and how they could make it funny while caring for Gladden’s character. But now, with four Emmy nominations, Marsden can’t put into words how incredible it feels. This time, it’s not an elaborate experiment with hidden cameras—it’s real.

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The 75th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards are scheduled to air on September 18th, where Marsden and the team hope to celebrate their success.