James Marsden opens up about feeling scared during the filming of the ‘Jury Duty’ TV show.

Actor James Marsden is receiving a lot of attention for his hilarious performance on the TV series “Jury Duty.” In the show, Marsden portrays a fictionalized version of himself who is more obnoxious and self-absorbed. However, Marsden revealed that the experience was not without its challenges.

The series revolves around a character named Ronald Gladden, an average guy who believes he is serving as a juror in a real civil trial. Unbeknownst to Gladden, the trial is actually fake, and all the other participants, including the judge, attorneys, and fellow jurors, are actors.

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Marsden was the only actor playing himself, which presented unique difficulties compared to the rest of the cast. Since Gladden was familiar with Marsden’s work, Marsden had to navigate the fine line between playing himself and portraying a fictionalized version of himself.

In an interview with GQ U.K., Marsden confessed that there were moments during filming when he felt apprehensive about his ability to handle the role. To prepare, he would write down potential scenarios and responses in a journal, ensuring that he had a repertoire of ideas to draw from. Marsden wanted to be armed with witty comebacks and humorous actions for his character.

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However, there were moments that no amount of preparation could account for. One such instance occurred when Gladden casually mentioned that he heard Marsden’s film, “Sonic The Hedgehog” from 2020, was not well-received. Unaware that Marsden was in the movie, Gladden unknowingly made a comment that Marsden found incredibly amusing. Marsden appreciated the genuine laughter in his head at that moment, as it was far better than a simple compliment on his work.

Marsden learned that it was impossible to fully anticipate Gladden’s reactions, so he had to be quick on his feet and adapt to the character’s eccentricities. Despite the challenges, Marsden thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to satirize the stereotypical Hollywood celebrity. He found it to be a joyful experience and couldn’t deny that he had fun playing that version of himself.

However, the most difficult part of filming the show for Marsden came after Gladden discovered the elaborate prank. Marsden expressed a strong desire to approach Gladden immediately, apologize, and assure him that not everything was fake. Throughout the filming process, Marsden and Gladden had formed genuine friendships and shared many laughs. Marsden wanted to emphasize that those connections were real and extend his heartfelt apologies.

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In conclusion, James Marsden’s portrayal of a fictionalized version of himself on “Jury Duty” has garnered attention and praise. Marsden faced unique challenges as the only actor playing himself, but he embraced the role and found humor in unexpected moments. Despite the comedic nature of the show, Marsden cherished the authentic connections he formed with the cast, particularly with Ronald Gladden. He hoped to convey the genuineness of those relationships and apologize for any confusion caused by the prank.