Jamie Foxx spotted happily greeting fans while on a boat

Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx, the 55-year-old actor, was spotted in public for the first time since April, cruising the Chicago River on a boat. In a video obtained by TMZ, Foxx can be seen smiling, waving at fans, and flashing the peace sign. This appearance comes after his mysterious illness and hospitalization earlier this year.

In mid-April, Foxx was rushed to the hospital while filming a movie in Atlanta. The details of his illness have not been confirmed, but his daughter broke the news on Instagram, referring to it as a “medical complication.” Reports also surfaced of a “meltdown” on set prior to his hospitalization, where Foxx reportedly fired several members of the production staff.

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After being hospitalized, Foxx’s family released a statement expressing gratitude for the quick action and great care he received, mentioning that he was on his way to recovery. Boxing legend Mike Tyson claimed that Foxx had suffered a stroke, although this has not been confirmed by the actor’s family.

During Foxx’s absence, co-stars and colleagues expressed their concern and well wishes. John Boyega, his co-star in the film “They Cloned Tyrone,” mentioned that he had been trying to reach out to Foxx but hadn’t heard from him. Actress Porscha Coleman, who worked with Foxx on his directorial debut and a Netflix series, reassured fans that he was doing well and would be back.

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While some sources reported that Foxx is recovering and doing well, others revealed that he is still not himself and working hard to recover. The actor’s return to the public eye on the boat in Chicago brings hope that he is on the mend and in good spirits.

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Friends, co-stars, and fans continue to show their support and look forward to Foxx’s full recovery.