Jamie Lee Curtis celebrates Lindsay Lohan, her movie daughter, on the birth of her first child.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis, well-known for her roles in numerous films, including the classic horror franchise “Halloween,” continues to show her love and support for her on-screen daughter, Lindsay Lohan, in real life. On a heartwarming Monday, Jamie Lee Curtis celebrated the birth of Lindsay Lohan’s first child with a touching Instagram post. The post featured a throwback photo of the two actresses from their time as co-stars in the 2003 movie “Freaky Friday,” where they portrayed a mother-daughter duo.

In her Instagram caption, Curtis wrote, “Magic Monday! My on-screen daughter has now made me a movie grandmother. Sending my blessings to Lindsay and Bader as they welcome baby Luai into the world!” Jamie Lee Curtis genuinely expressed excitement and joy, offering heartfelt support to Lindsay Lohan as she begins her journey of motherhood.

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In “Freaky Friday,” the duo played Anna and Tess Coleman, a teenage daughter and her mother who magically swap bodies just before Tess’s wedding. The film’s heartwarming and humorous story revolved around the two characters learning to understand each other’s lives and perspectives by experiencing life from the other’s point of view.

Interestingly, both Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis were attached to a potential sequel to “Freaky Friday,” backed by Disney. Curtis has been a vocal supporter of the sequel project, expressing her enthusiasm for revisiting the beloved characters and storyline. However, the sequel’s development has hit a roadblock due to the ongoing Hollywood writers’ strike. Curtis highlighted this issue in a recent interview with EW, emphasizing that writers play a crucial role in storytelling, and their ongoing dispute over fair compensation and protection from producers has affected the project’s progress.

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“We’re in the middle of a contract dispute,” Curtis explained, empathizing with the writers who are fighting for their creative and financial rights. Until the writers are properly compensated and their concerns are addressed, the status of the “Freaky Friday” sequel remains uncertain.

Despite the delays in the sequel, the happiness and excitement in Lindsay Lohan’s life are evident. Her publicist confirmed the birth of Lohan’s first child with her husband, Bader Shammas. The couple welcomed a beautiful and healthy son named Luai, and their joy knows no bounds. Becoming a mother has brought a new chapter of love and fulfillment to Lindsay Lohan’s life.

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It’s heartening to witness the genuine bond between Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan, transcending their on-screen roles. Their connection as a loving movie mother and daughter has endured beyond the silver screen, and Curtis’s joyous message on social media reflects the deep friendship they share.

As fans eagerly await news of the “Freaky Friday” sequel’s progress, they can take delight in celebrating Lindsay Lohan’s new journey into motherhood. With Jamie Lee Curtis by her side, offering support and love, Lindsay Lohan embraces the joys of motherhood, and fans can’t help but share in her happiness.