Jason Sudeikis alters Ted Lasso character due to influence of Donald Trump

Jason Sudeikis

Jason Sudeikis, the star and creator of “Ted Lasso,” believes that Donald Trump played a role in making the character of Ted Lasso a nicer person. During an interview with The Guardian’s The Observer, Sudeikis shared that he had dinner with his former partner, Olivia Wilde, in 2015 when he had the idea to revisit a character he had previously created for a comedy skit. This character was named Ted Lasso.

Originally, Ted Lasso was portrayed as a belligerent character. However, Sudeikis decided to take the character in a different direction due to the growing political tensions at the time. He explained that the cultural climate, including the rise of Donald Trump, had an impact on his decision.

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Sudeikis was influenced by the way people were not listening to one another and how things became increasingly polarized. He didn’t believe this binary division reflected the way the world truly works. As a new parent, he didn’t want to contribute to this negativity. Sudeikis wanted to create a character that embodied warmth, positivity, and the power of kindness.

Thus, Ted Lasso transformed into the lovable and positive coach viewers came to know and love during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Sudeikis sees the character as a form of wish-fulfillment, allowing him to contribute something positive to the world.

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In March, Sudeikis and some cast members from “Ted Lasso” had the opportunity to visit the White House and meet President Joe Biden. During the visit, Sudeikis referred to the character of Ted Lasso as wish-fulfillment, emphasizing the idea of being the change one wants to see in the world. Through the show, Sudeikis aims to spread positivity and create a positive impact.

In summary, Jason Sudeikis credits Donald Trump and the political climate at the time for shaping the character of Ted Lasso into a kinder and more positive figure. The show has resonated with audiences worldwide, offering a much-needed escape and promoting empathy and hope during challenging times.

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