Jennifer Lawrence Persuades Co-Star to Delay Harvard for Film

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence revealed that she convinced her co-star, Andrew Barth Feldman, to defer his enrollment at Harvard University in order to film their movie, “No Hard Feelings.”

During the New York red carpet premiere of the film, Lawrence shared how she persuaded Feldman to postpone his college education. She mentioned that after Feldman’s audition, everyone knew he was the perfect fit for the role of Percy. However, there was one complication—he was supposed to attend Harvard.

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Lawrence took it upon herself to call Feldman and break the news to him. In a lighthearted manner, she jokingly said, “Andrew, I have some not-so-great news for you.” You’re not gonna be able to finish your semester at Harvard.” Lawrence admitted that she wasn’t familiar with the specific terminology of college deferral, but she wanted Feldman on board for the film.

Feldman, who had already deferred his enrollment for a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, expressed no regrets about his decision. He acknowledged that Harvard would still be there when he decided to return, but the opportunity to be a part of this movie was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. He emphasized his deep passion for the film industry and his appreciation for the valuable lessons he learned from Lawrence.

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In addition to “No Hard Feelings,” Feldman has also appeared in “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.” He praised Lawrence for her genuine and supportive nature, describing her as a person, mother, and friend first. He expressed gratitude for her guidance throughout the project, including navigating the newfound fame and understanding the inner workings of the industry.

The movie revolves around Lawrence’s character, Maddie Barker, who is burdened with a significant amount of debt. In her pursuit to overcome financial challenges, she responds to a job ad posted by a couple seeking assistance in bringing their introverted son, portrayed by Feldman, out of his shell before he goes to college.

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“No Hard Feelings” is set to release in theaters on Friday, offering audiences an opportunity to witness the on-screen chemistry between Lawrence and Feldman as they bring this heartwarming story to life.