Jennifer Lopez Had Many Bruises After Trying On Her Music Awards Outfits

Jennifer Lopez

In 2016, Jennifer Lopez, the talented 46-year-old star, had a remarkable year with a multitude of projects. She served as a judge on American Idol, starred in the upcoming NBC drama Shades of Blue, and prepared for her Las Vegas residency. Throughout the year, Lopez exhibited boundless energy and passion for her craft. In an honest interview with Daily Mail magazine, she opened up about her hectic schedule and how she ended up with bruises while changing costumes at a music awards function.

In November, Lopez hosted the AMAs and approached the role authentically, focusing on her strengths as a singer, dancer, and performer instead of attempting to be a comedian. She remarked, Jennifer said, “I’ll stick to my strengths: singing, dancing, and performing.” During the show, she wowed the audience with 10 outfit changes, but it left her with scratches and bruises.

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Despite the dazzling wardrobe changes, Lopez revealed that it wasn’t easy to slip into each new outfit. She expressed her lifelong dream of being a singer, dancer, and actress, a passion she had nurtured since she was very young. Her Vegas residency was her chance to make it her own show, and she saw it as an intimate opportunity for the audience to get to know her better.

While her career was thriving, Lopez’s top priority remained her 8-year-old twins, Max and Emme. The dedicated mother made sure to involve them in her daily life and took them everywhere she went. The twins knew their mom’s job was demanding and they supported her, even helping her get enough rest. Lopez treasured the teamwork she shared with her children and appreciated their understanding of her work commitments. The love and support from her family played a crucial role in her successful career.

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Jennifer Lopez was undoubtedly entering a defining chapter in her career during 2016. Her multiple projects showcased her immense talents, and her dedication to her family added a sense of balance to her life. Audiences were captivated by her unwavering passion and down-to-earth attitude, whether on American Idol, Shades of Blue, or during her intimate Las Vegas residency.

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Her fans were thrilled to witness her energy and charisma on American Idol and were equally enthralled by her performance in Shades of Blue. Those who experienced her Las Vegas residency were left with lasting memories of an intimate evening with the star. Jennifer Lopez’s accomplishments were a result of her relentless hard work, determination, and the unwavering support of her loving family. She proved to be a force to be reckoned with, and her multitasking during the AMAs left an indelible mark on the year 2016.