Jessica Biel, Lance Bass, and Beverley Mitchell reunite for a special ‘7th Heaven’ gathering (Exclusive)

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel and Beverley Mitchell recently had a special reunion at the premiere of Cruel Summer. The two actresses, who played sisters on the popular family drama series 7th Heaven, walked the red carpet together at the event held at the Grace E. Simons Lodge in Los Angeles. During their appearance, they spoke with ET’s Cassie DiLaura about their friendship and shared their excitement about the reunion.

Beverley Mitchell expressed her joy at seeing her former co-stars, saying, “It’s literally like a high school reunion for all of us. I mean, it’s amazing.” The event was made even more unique with the presence of Lance Bass, the former NSYNC star who also made his TV acting debut on an episode of 7th Heaven.

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Jessica Biel, in an interview with ET, expressed her anticipation of seeing Lance Bass at the reunion. She mentioned that many friends from the ’90s were present at the event, making it a nostalgic gathering for everyone. Lance Bass, accompanied by his husband Michael Turchin, shared his memories of his time on 7th Heaven, describing it as his first acting job and a valuable learning experience.

Beverley Mitchell, who has a close bond with Jessica Biel, expressed her pride and admiration for her friend’s accomplishments. Biel serves as an executive producer on Cruel Summer, the show being premiered that evening. Mitchell mentioned how she frequently spends time with Biel and how it’s always fun to support and cheer her on. She expressed her pride in Biel’s achievements and described the premiere as an amazing event.

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Speaking about Cruel Summer, a popular anthology drama series, Jessica Biel explained that the first season was set in the mid-1990s, while the second season tells a new story set in the early 2000s, revolving around an intense teenage friendship. The show has struck a chord with viewers by tapping into a sense of nostalgia, reminding them of simpler times. Biel reflected on the appeal of the past, mentioning how technology has brought incredible advancements but also a longing for the simplicity of playing outside until the streetlights came on and running home.

The premiere of Cruel Summer’s second season is highly anticipated and will be airing on June 5 on the Freeform network. The show’s ability to evoke nostalgia and its intriguing storytelling have captivated audiences, making it a must-watch series.

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The reunion of Jessica Biel, Beverley Mitchell, and Lance Bass brought back fond memories for fans of 7th Heaven and created excitement for the premiere of Cruel Summer. It was a moment to celebrate their friendship and the success of their respective projects. Fans of the series and those looking for compelling storytelling can look forward to the upcoming season of Cruel Summer, set to deliver another dose of engaging drama and nostalgia.