Jessie Murph and Maren Morris Confront a Heartbreaker Cowboy in ‘Texas’ Music Video

Jessie Murph and Maren Morris

Jessie Murph and Maren Morris have joined forces to create a captivating new single titled “Texas,” which explores the themes of heartbreak and a lover leaving for the Lone Star State.

In this heartfelt song, Murph’s emotive voice cracks as she sings about the consequences she faces while her partner indulges in all the good things Texas has to offer. The plaintive piano chords add to the emotional intensity of the lyrics. Morris then takes over, reflecting on the experience of a one-sided relationship and the wisdom gained from it. The song’s chorus brings both artists together, emphasizing the feelings of coldness, loss, and ruin that Murph experiences as her lover returns to Texas.

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The music video for “Texas,” directed by Nicki Fletcher and Mason Allen, features Murph and Morris exploring a rodeo atmosphere. As cowboys ride bucking broncos, Murph adds a touch of rap to the performance, while both women ultimately find the courage to confront and express their feelings to the cowpokes.

At just 18 years old, Murph expresses her immense gratitude for having Morris as her first-ever featured artist on a song that holds such personal significance. Growing up, Murph has always admired Morris and looks up to her as a role model in the music industry. The collaboration on “Texas” is a dream come true for Murph, particularly given her profound love for the song.

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Morris, being a native Texan herself, was instantly drawn to the title of the song. She appreciates the vulnerability and authenticity captured in the lyrics, which serve as a powerful breakup anthem with a hint of defiance. Morris commends Murph for her grounded approach to music and admires her thoughtfulness in the creative process. The collaboration allowed both artists to merge their unique styles and create a meaningful musical connection.

In addition to “Texas,” Murph has recently released a mixtape called “Drowning” and has exciting plans for touring in the upcoming summer and fall seasons. She also contributed the track “Nothing Else Matters” to the Fast X soundtrack and released another single titled “Cowboys and Angels” a few weeks prior.

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The collaboration between Jessie Murph and Maren Morris on “Texas” showcases their talents and shared passion for creating emotionally resonant music. With its heartfelt lyrics, powerful vocals, and captivating visuals, the song and its accompanying video provide a moving and authentic musical experience for fans of both artists.