Johnny Depp criticizes Hollywood for boycotting him, stating he doesn’t value the industry much.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp caused a stir at the Cannes Film Festival when he arrived late to the press conference for the film “Jeanne du Barry” and spoke out against his critics. The emotional Depp from the previous night, who was overwhelmed with fan love and applause, was replaced by a defiant and ready-for-battle version of himself.

Depp dismissed the stories written about his personal life as fiction and expressed his desire to focus on the film. He criticized the media and anyone who believed he was making a comeback. According to Depp, the focus should be on the film and its talented cast, rather than the negative narratives surrounding him. He made it clear that he didn’t care about Hollywood or feeling boycotted by the industry.

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The press conference started late, and while the director and other cast members answered questions, all eyes were on Depp. When he finally entered the room, questions were directed towards him. Some of the questions dealt with his experience playing a French king and performing in French. However, many of the questions were intended to provoke a response about his controversies and critics.

Depp responded to one question about feeling boycotted by Hollywood by stating that he did feel it, but now he doesn’t care because he doesn’t think about Hollywood anymore. He criticized the pressure to conform and encouraged people to be true to themselves, even if it meant going against the expectations of others.

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The director of the film, Maïwenn, tried to redirect the conversation by mentioning Depp’s approach to selecting music for his scenes. However, the questions continued to focus on the controversy surrounding his presence at the festival.

Depp expressed his disbelief at the idea of a comeback, stating that he had never disappeared in the first place. He ridiculed the notion of seeking approval and compared it to performing a tap dance. He emphasized the importance of viewers immersing themselves in the film and forgetting about his personal life.

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Despite his remarks, Depp acknowledged that the controversies surrounding him overshadow his work. He hoped that over time, audiences would be able to separate his personal life from his professional achievements.

In conclusion, Depp’s late arrival and defiant attitude at the press conference created a buzz at the Cannes Film Festival. He stood his ground, dismissing the negative narratives about his personal life and urging the focus to be on the film itself. Whether his remarks will change public opinion remains to be seen, but Depp remains unapologetic and determined to continue his craft as an actor.