Johnny Depp shares thoughts on a difficult and distressing time in his life.

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp recently shared his reflections on a challenging period in his life during his defamation trial with Amber Heard. The former couple engaged in a six-week trial last year, centered around an article written by Heard in 2018, where she claimed to be a victim of domestic violence. In the trial, Depp emerged victorious, winning all three of his defamation claims and receiving over $10 million in damages. Heard, on the other hand, won one of her three countersuit claims and was awarded $2 million.

During the Cannes Film Festival, where he was promoting his new movie ‘Jeanne du Barry,’ Depp was asked if he felt any satisfaction from the trial outcome. In an interview with Hollywood Authentic, he responded affirmatively, stating that there is indeed some satisfaction. He described the period as “horrible” but acknowledged that he was able to reach a point where he felt more grounded.

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Depp clarified that he does not view ‘Jeanne du Barry’ as a comeback project. He dismissed the notion, explaining that he never really disappeared from the industry; instead, he may have been overlooked or disregarded by some. In an Instagram Story, he elaborated further, stating that going away and coming back is not applicable to his situation because he has always been present, even if others stopped recognizing or calling him.

During a press conference at the festival, Depp reiterated that he had not vanished and emphasized that he resides just 45 minutes away. He speculated that people might have refrained from reaching out due to their own fears or concerns. Depp expressed that he has been consistently available and committed to his work, despite any misconceptions about his absence.

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Reflecting on the challenges he faced, Depp highlighted the importance of finding the bottom and bouncing back. He compared hitting rock bottom to dropping multiple times but eventually finding a solid foundation. While he acknowledged the satisfaction of winning the trial, he downplayed the idea of a traditional comeback, focusing instead on his resilience and perseverance.

Depp expressed gratitude for being able to continue working on his craft and expressed his appreciation for the support he receives from his fans. His main focus remains on his dedication to his career and the projects he is involved in. He aims to let his work speak for itself, rather than being defined by the notion of a comeback.

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In summary, Johnny Depp shared his thoughts on a challenging period in his life and expressed some satisfaction with the trial outcome. He clarified that he never truly disappeared from the industry, discussed the importance of resilience, and downplayed the idea of a conventional comeback. Depp remains committed to his work and appreciates the support he receives from his fans.