Jonas Holmberg Resigns from Goteborg Film Festival

Jonas Holmberg

Jonas Holmberg, the artistic director of Sweden’s Göteborg Film Festival, has announced that he will be stepping down next year after serving for 10 years in his role. This decision comes after his successful leadership and contributions to the festival, which has established itself as one of the leading Nordic film festivals.

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In addition to his efforts towards gender parity, Holmberg is known for his innovative and attention-grabbing initiatives. He introduced unique and unconventional events that pushed the boundaries of traditional film screenings. One such event was “coffin cinema” in 2019, where viewers were locked inside specially designed coffins while a film played on the inside of the casket. This immersive experience created a buzz and added a new dimension to the festival’s offerings.

Amid the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Holmberg adapted the festival to the changing landscape. He transformed Göteborg Film Festival into a hybrid event, incorporating both in-person screenings and a digital platform. This allowed a wider audience to participate in the festival, ensuring its accessibility and relevance in the digital age. Holmberg also spearheaded the development of Draken Film, a stand-alone streaming service that has become Sweden’s leading video-on-demand platform for arthouse movies. This expansion into the digital realm further enhanced the festival’s reach and impact.

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The announcement of Holmberg’s departure has initiated the search for his successor. The board of Göteborg Film Festival is actively seeking a qualified individual who can continue the festival’s legacy of innovation and inclusivity. The goal is to find someone who can build upon the achievements of Holmberg and guide the festival into the future.

Reflecting on his decision to step down, Holmberg expressed gratitude for his colleagues and the experiences gained during his tenure. He emphasized that the upcoming festival will be his final one as artistic director, and he is committed to making it a memorable and remarkable event. With his team, Holmberg is dedicated to shaping the 47th Göteborg Film Festival into something extraordinary.

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Göteborg Film Festival holds significant importance in the Scandinavian film industry. It attracts an annual audience of approximately 270,000 individuals, making it the largest film festival in the region. The festival also serves as a vital platform for industry professionals, with around 2,000 attendees from the film community participating in various industry events and networking opportunities.

The 47th Göteborg Film Festival is scheduled to take place from January 26 to February 4, 2024. As Holmberg prepares to bid farewell to his role as artistic director, the festival remains a highly anticipated and influential event in the international film calendar.