Juanes’ concert at SummerStage was stopped because of too many people in the crowd, despite his eagerness to perform.


Juanes’ SummerStage concert came to an unexpected halt due to an overwhelming crowd, leaving both the artist and fans disappointed.

The event, part of the LAMC summer series, took place at SummerStage on July 12th. Unfortunately, just two songs into the performance, the concert had to be stopped due to the “excessive crowds.” Heather Lubov, the executive director at City Parks Foundation SummerStage, stated that the venue reached its capacity of 5,000 attendees, with an estimated 12,000 additional fans gathered outside the gates.

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In an official statement, Lubov mentioned that this was the first time in 30 years that SummerStage had to halt a concert for a non-weather-related issue. The decision to cancel the show was made to prioritize the safety of fans and concert-goers, following the request of the NYPD.

Juanes, dressed in black attire, began his set with his latest single “Gris” and continued with the popular hit “Mala Gente,” which excited the thousands in attendance. However, the show abruptly ended, causing disappointment among the audience.

Addressing the crowd, Juanes emphasized the importance of remaining calm to avoid the concert being stopped. Despite his efforts, the decision to cancel the event was made for the safety of all involved. Staff members announced the immediate evacuation of the venue, leaving many fans feeling let down.

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Outside, a line of over ten thousand people stretched around Rumsey Playfield, demonstrating the immense popularity of the artist. The large and unruly crowd compromised the safety inside the venue, leading to the cancellation of the show.

Juanes expressed his sadness about the turn of events, as he was eager to perform. However, he still took the time to interact with fans, posing for photos and thanking them for their support.

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The LAMC and SummerStage performance was set to be Juanes’ first live show in the United States featuring songs from his recently released album, Vida Cotidiana. Throughout his successful career, Juanes has achieved significant chart success and has been honored with numerous Latin Grammy Awards and Grammy Awards.

Despite the disappointment caused by the concert’s cancellation, the incident underscores Juanes’ enduring popularity and the overwhelming support from his devoted fan base.