Jung Woo-sung thrilled and anxious about first film directing ‘A Man of Reason’

Jung Woo-sung

SEOUL, July 24 – Jung Woo-sung, a seasoned actor, expressed his excitement and nervousness about his debut as a film director in the upcoming action movie “A Man of Reason.” In the film, he portrays Suhyuk, a father who faces a challenging quest to rescue his kidnapped daughter.

The story revolves around Suhyuk, who gets released from prison after serving a ten-year sentence on behalf of his boss Eungkook, played by Park Sung-woong. Later, he learns that he has a daughter. Suhyuk wishes to break away from the criminal gang, but his boss hires a notorious killer, Woo-jin (Kim Nam-gil), who abducts his daughter. To save her, Suhyuk decides to seek revenge against the criminals.

During a press conference, Jung shared that he was initially offered a role as an actor but eventually took on the leading character and the role of director. He admitted to feeling a mix of emotions, being excited about the movie’s outcome and nervous about his own performance on screen.

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With a career spanning since 1994, the 50-year-old actor has appeared in various films and TV dramas. He also dabbled in film directing, having helmed three short films in 2013 and 2014.

Despite the simple plot of a father rescuing his kidnapped daughter, Jung approached the project from a director’s perspective rather than an actor’s. He aimed to add his unique touch to the familiar storyline.

Jung described his character as a man torn by a dilemma, desiring a normal life but resorting to violence to save his daughter. He emphasized that the action in the film is not just about a father’s anger but also about the internal struggle faced in such a situation.

“A Man of Reason” will hit local theaters on August 15th, offering audiences a thrilling action experience.

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The film tackles familiar themes, but Jung’s approach as a director promises a fresh perspective on the story. As a veteran actor, he brings a deep understanding of character development to the project, which can potentially elevate the emotional depth of the film.

Jung’s experience as a film director in short films also indicates that he is not entirely new to the directorial process. This background could serve as an advantage as he takes on the challenges of directing a feature-length action film.

As an actor, Jung has delivered compelling performances in various genres, from romantic dramas to action-packed films. His versatility and experience in front of the camera could translate into effective storytelling and engaging performances from the cast.

The movie’s premise, revolving around a father’s quest to save his kidnapped daughter, resonates with audiences worldwide. This emotional core can appeal to a broad range of viewers, attracting both action film enthusiasts and those seeking heartfelt narratives.

“A Man of Reason” boasts a talented cast, including Kim Nam-gil as the antagonist. The dynamic between Jung and Kim’s characters can add depth and intensity to the film, making it a gripping cinematic experience.

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With Jung’s involvement as both director and actor, there is potential for a seamless and cohesive vision for the film. His passion for the project and dedication to storytelling could result in a well-crafted and impactful action movie.

Overall, “A Man of Reason” presents an exciting venture for Jung Woo-sung as he steps into the director’s chair for the first time. As the film releases in theaters, audiences can anticipate a compelling action-packed narrative with a fresh perspective from the actor-director.