Kate Middleton’s piano skills go viral after captivating public performances

Kate Middleton

The piano-playing skills of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, have caught the attention of the public after a surprise appearance during the opening of the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest. The event was held in Liverpool, England, on behalf of the previous year’s winners, Ukraine. Kate impressed fans with a musical interlude paying tribute to Ukraine’s 2022 winning song, “Stefania,” by Kalush Orchestra. She was joined by renowned performers such as Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber and Joss Stone.

The Duchess pre-recorded her performance in the crimson drawing room of Windsor Castle, where she played on King Charles’ Steinway piano. She wore a blue layered chiffon evening gown as a nod to the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

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This is not the first time Kate has showcased her piano-playing talent in public. In 2021, she made her debut during a Christmas carol concert at Westminster Abbey, accompanying singer-songwriter Tom Walker. The performance received positive feedback from attendees and added to her growing reputation as a talented musician.

After the Eurovision cameo, fans flocked to social media to share video clips of Kate’s performances. One particular video, posted on TikTok, gained significant attention. It featured footage of Kate playing the piano in both 2021 and 2023, with the caption “Catherine, Princess of Wales, playing piano” and the additional comment “Stunning.” The video quickly garnered over 130,000 views and more than 22,000 likes, with many users praising Kate’s musical abilities and elegance.

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Commenters on TikTok expressed admiration for the Duchess, describing her as embodying the qualities of a princess and future queen. They highlighted her royal presence and natural talent, stating that she was destined to be part of the royal family.

Reports suggest that Kate has been playing the piano since her childhood, although she did not perform publicly until ten years after her marriage to Prince William. The “Together at Christmas” carol concert at Westminster Abbey, organized by Kate to honor communities and key workers affected by the COVID pandemic, marked her first public piano performance.

Singer Tom Walker, who accompanied Kate during the concert, spoke highly of her abilities and praised her dedication to the event despite the added stress of overseeing it. He described the experience as surreal and expressed gratitude for having the Duchess play one of his songs on the piano, emphasizing how amazing she was.

For her Eurovision performance, Kate played a special arrangement of Kalush Orchestra’s “Stefania” created by composers Joe Price and Kojo Samuel. Her contribution added a touch of elegance and musicality to the event.

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In addition to Kate’s appearance, the Eurovision Song Contest’s grand final also featured a pre-recorded cameo by King Charles III and Queen Camilla. The royal couple made a special on-screen appearance, recorded during their visit to Liverpool on April 26, further adding to the excitement and grandeur of the event.

As Kate Middleton continues to showcase her musical talent, her performances receive praise and admiration from fans worldwide. Her piano-playing skills add another dimension to her role as a prominent member of the British royal family, further endearing her to the public.