Katy Perry suggests Lizzo as an American Idol judge

Katy Perry

Katy Perry, the popular singer and judge on American Idol, has extended an invitation to Lizzo to join the judging panel of the show. During a recent interview for Buzzfeed Celeb’s Puppy Interview segment, Katy Perry discussed the challenges of being a judge on American Idol.

When asked about the most difficult aspect of the role, the 38-year-old pop star mentioned that being a woman with a strong opinion can be challenging. She also acknowledged the tough competition on the show, where only one person emerges as the winner. Katy expressed her admiration for the top 20 contestants, considering them all to be superstars with incredible singing abilities.

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To address the gender imbalance on the judging panel, Katy Perry revealed her solution: inviting more female performers to join the show. In a direct message to Lizzo, Katy enthusiastically requested her presence on American Idol. Emphasizing her desire for diversity and honest opinions, Katy extended a warm invitation to Lizzo, highlighting that she felt outnumbered by the male judges and could benefit from Lizzo’s bold and hot takes.

American Idol, the long-running reality competition series, recently concluded its 21st season. The finale aired on Sunday, May 21st, marking another successful season filled with talented contestants and captivating performances. Katy Perry, along with Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie, has been a judge on the show since Season 16 in 2018. Their collective expertise and critiques have helped shape the competition and guide aspiring singers on their journey.

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The suggestion of Lizzo as a potential addition to the judging panel has garnered significant attention and excitement among fans. Lizzo, known for her empowering and soulful music, has amassed a large following and received critical acclaim for her vocal prowess and energetic performances. Her inclusion on American Idol would undoubtedly bring a fresh perspective and dynamic energy to the show.

As the series moves forward, Katy Perry’s invitation to Lizzo adds to the anticipation surrounding future seasons of American Idol. The potential collaboration between these two talented artists would not only diversify the judging panel but also offer aspiring singers a broader range of musical insights and guidance.

American Idol has long been celebrated for discovering and nurturing talent, giving aspiring artists a platform to showcase their abilities and pursue their dreams. With Katy Perry’s call for more female representation and her invitation to Lizzo, the show aims to further elevate the importance of diversity and inclusivity in the music industry.

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Fans and viewers eagerly await news regarding Lizzo’s response to Katy Perry’s invitation. The prospect of her joining American Idol as a judge has sparked enthusiasm and anticipation for the show’s upcoming seasons. As the music industry continues to evolve, the inclusion of influential and talented artists like Lizzo serves to inspire and empower aspiring musicians, fostering a more inclusive and representative landscape within the entertainment industry.

In conclusion, Katy Perry’s invitation to Lizzo to join the judging panel of American Idol represents a significant step toward achieving greater diversity and inclusivity in the music industry. The anticipation surrounding Lizzo’s potential involvement on the show adds excitement and sets the stage for future seasons of American Idol.