Katy Perry’s interview raises speculation about her departure from ‘American Idol’.

Katy Perry

According to reports from The Sun, Katy Perry, one of the judges on American Idol, may not be returning for the next season of the popular singing competition. In a recent interview, Perry hinted at the possibility of her departure, revealing her intentions to focus on her music career and the journey of motherhood. Despite the show’s tremendous success over 21 seasons, with another one on the horizon, Perry expressed a desire to explore other avenues.

During the interview, Perry mentioned missing the creative side of producing hit songs like her famous track “Firework.” She also talked about her recent performance at the coronation festivities of King Charles the Third, held at Windsor Castle in the United Kingdom. Perry, who has roots in Essex, East London, felt a deep connection to the event and proudly represented her heritage.

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In a playful moment, Perry threw some shade at her ex-husband, Russell Brand, by mentioning that she had married someone from Essex in the past. However, the most meaningful aspect of the coronation festivities for Perry was the time spent with her mother, who is known to be a history enthusiast. Perry’s mother’s excitement added to the overall joy of the event.

Reflecting on her time as a judge on American Idol, Perry expressed gratitude for the past five years and the accomplishments achieved during her tenure. She admitted feeling a sense of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) after witnessing the opportunities the contestants had and the experiences they shared.

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To commemorate the occasion, Perry shared a series of posts on Instagram. She posted pictures and videos capturing the events of the day, including a heartwarming photo of her mother embracing her. Perry’s outfit for the season 21 finale, a vibrant two-piece orange ensemble designed by Vivienne Westwood, became a showstopper. She exuded confidence and elegance in the orange mesh skirt with a train, floral top, and vibrant orange shoes. Her caption, “Orange you glad it was great #idolfinale,” added a playful touch.

Perry’s Instagram posts received an outpouring of compliments from her followers, who admired her stunning appearance and applauded her for the success of the show’s finale. While Perry acknowledged her love for her job as an American Idol judge, she expressed a desire to explore new opportunities and embrace the next chapter of her career.

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As fans eagerly anticipate the next season of American Idol, the speculation surrounding Katy Perry’s involvement adds an air of mystery. Whether she ultimately decides to return or embark on new ventures, Perry’s impact on the show and her contribution to the music industry as a whole will not be forgotten.