Ke Huy Quan and Harrison Ford share joyful moments at ‘Indiana Jones’ red carpet event

Ke Huy Quan and Harrison Ford

Ke Huy Quan, known for his role in “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom,” reunited with his former co-star Harrison Ford on the red carpet. The occasion was the premiere of the latest “Indiana Jones” film, titled “Dial of Destiny.” Quan, who portrayed the character Short Round alongside Ford in the 1984 film, expressed his admiration for both the character and the actor.

In an Instagram post, the 51-year-old Quan shared a photo from the red carpet and captioned it with heartfelt words. He stated that Indiana Jones would always be a hero to Short Round and that Harrison Ford would always be a hero to him. Quan expressed his wish for Ford to continue portraying the iconic adventurer, but he was happy to witness him cracking the whip one more time. He also praised the new film, “Dial of Destiny,” and encouraged people to go see it when it releases on June 30th.

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The upcoming movie will be Harrison Ford’s fifth and final installment in the “Indiana Jones” franchise, which began with “Raiders of the Lost Ark” in 1981. The film had its debut at the Cannes Film Festival in France on May 18th, exactly 15 years after the previous adventure, “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” premiered at the same renowned event. Ford made a rare public appearance at the festival, accompanied by his wife Calista Flockhart, and walked the red carpet with enthusiasm.

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On the other hand, Ke Huy Quan has recently achieved a significant milestone in his career. He won his first Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in the film “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” This recognition came after a long struggle to find work following his success as a child actor. In his acceptance speech, Quan expressed his gratitude to his wife, Echo, who had been supporting him for two decades, believing in his talent and assuring him that his time would come. He encouraged others to keep their dreams alive and thanked everyone for welcoming him back into the industry.

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The reunion of Ke Huy Quan and Harrison Ford on the red carpet symbolizes the enduring bond between the actors and their connection to the “Indiana Jones” franchise. Fans of the series can look forward to the release of “Dial of Destiny” and witness Ford’s final adventure as the beloved adventurer. As for Quan, his recent success and Academy Award win mark a triumphant return to the spotlight, affirming his talent and dedication to his craft.