Keanu Reeves spotted all around Bay Area music festival BottleRock

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves, known for his roles in movies like “The Matrix” and “John Wick,” had a thrilling day at the BottleRock Napa Valley music festival. Throughout the festival’s second day, Reeves was everywhere, engaging in various activities and encounters.

The day kicked off with a highly anticipated reunion as Reeves joined his ’90s alt-rock band Dogstar for their first live performance in over 20 years. Fans had been eagerly awaiting this moment for nearly a year. As the rock trio took the stage, the crowd, already packed in front of the Verizon Stage, erupted with excitement. Reeves and his bandmates delivered a memorable performance, capturing the hearts of thousands who endured the scorching sun to witness their set.

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Reeves, embodying the role of a stoic bassist, remained mostly silent during Dogstar’s one-hour performance. Lead singer Bret Domrose took the mic, while drummer Robert Mailhouse, also an actor, showcased his skills behind the drums. The audience showered Reeves with adoration, shouting declarations of love whenever he glanced up from his bass. The atmosphere was electric, with the crowd hanging onto every note and anticipating the next break in the music to express their affection for the beloved actor.

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Following the set, Dogstar joined celebrity chef Roy Choi at the Williams Sonoma Culinary Stage, where they demonstrated their cooking skills. Reeves participated in making kimchi fried rice and Korean barbecue burritos, alongside Choi. While the culinary performances at BottleRock can sometimes feel contrived, Reeves maintained a mild interest in the cooking process. However, the energy escalated when George Kittle, a star player for the San Francisco 49ers and a regular at the culinary stage, made a surprise appearance. Kittle engaged in a playful interaction with Reeves, mimicking Neo’s iconic dodging moves from “The Matrix.” In response, Reeves mimed catching a football over his shoulder and enthusiastically spiking it, reminiscent of Kittle’s celebrated moves on the football field.

With that lively exchange, reminiscent of a scene from his famous “John Wick” movies, Keanu Reeves departed from the festival grounds, leaving behind a trail of memorable moments and a delighted crowd. His presence throughout the day, from the electrifying Dogstar performance to the culinary stage antics with George Kittle, made it clear that Reeves remains a cherished and beloved figure among fans. His versatility as an actor and his genuine interactions with fellow artists and fans alike further cemented his status as an icon in the entertainment industry.

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