Kevin and Joe Jonas remember Nick Jonas’ early talent, seeing it as a clear sign of his future success.

Nick Jonas

After their concert on the TODAY plaza, the Jonas Brothers sat down for an interview and answered questions about their childhood memories, music, and advice for their younger selves. Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas shared their insights, reflecting on their journey as a band.

The brothers reminisced about a core childhood memory that involved Nick. Kevin recalled seeing Nick singing on a picnic table in their apartment complex in Dallas, Texas, even before he could talk. It was a defining moment for Kevin, as he saw the spark of talent in his younger brother at such a young age. Joe also remembered being amazed by Nick’s performances, which were full of confidence. He knew that they would eventually want to pursue music together as a band.

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Since their formation in 2006, the Jonas Brothers have released six studio albums, with their latest record titled “The Album,” which was released on May 12. Nick explained that the inspiration behind this album was to lean into their early influences and the music their dad introduced them to when they were young, such as the Bee Gees, the Doobie Brothers, and Hall & Oates. They wanted to pay homage to those artists who shaped their musical tastes.

Nick expressed his excitement about performing songs from “The Album” on their upcoming tour. He specifically mentioned “Summer Baby” and “Little Bird,” a song about the three brothers embracing fatherhood. They are eager to share these songs with their fans during their summer tour.

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When asked about advice they would give themselves 15 years ago, Joe replied that they should have chilled out a bit and not taken themselves too seriously. He also jokingly mentioned advising his younger self to limit his intake of weed edibles on his 22nd birthday.

The interview also touched on their coffee preferences. Nick revealed that his go-to order is an iced americano with four shots of espresso, followed by another two for fun. Kevin, on the other hand, prefers a hot americano. Joe’s choice is an oat flat white.

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Throughout the interview, the Jonas Brothers expressed gratitude for their journey and the support they receive from their fans. They continue to create music, evolve as artists, and cherish the moments they share as brothers. Their bond and shared experiences have played a significant role in their success, and they look forward to what the future holds for them as a band.