Kevin Costner Claims Ex-Wife Tried to Take Advantage of Him Financially Before Separation, Court Documents Reveal

Kevin Costner

Actor Kevin Costner has accused his estranged wife, Christine Baumgartner, of taking advantage of him financially before their separation, according to new court documents. The claims emerged just after Kevin was ordered to pay $129,000 per month in child support to Christine.

Christine filed for divorce from the Yellowstone star two months ago. The court documents obtained by Page Six on July 13 reveal Kevin’s allegations that Christine had been “robbing him blind” prior to their split. He claims that she made personal purchases and withdrew cash using credit cards from his household staff without his knowledge.

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Kevin believes that Christine planned this financial scheme before filing for divorce on May 1. In the documents, Kevin alleges that Christine has shown a “disturbing propensity” to take his property without his consent, both before and after their separation. He specifically mentions her payment of $25,000 to a criminal defense lawyer from his separate property funds, without his knowledge.

The court documents also mention that Christine paid her divorce lawyer using an employee’s credit card, which is typically used for family house charges paid by Kevin. Another red flag for Kevin was Christine’s purchase of an expensive vehicle months before their breakup. This was unusual since they typically leased their vehicles.

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Kevin and Christine signed a prenuptial agreement in 2004, which reportedly allows her to keep her personal vehicle upon their separation. However, Kevin’s legal team argues that her purchase of the car shows that she had planned her exit long before informing Kevin in April 2023. The documents further claim that Christine refused to sign documents that would prevent her from taking items from Kevin’s home after her scheduled exit date of July 31.

These recent developments in their divorce case follow a judge’s order for Christine to vacate Kevin’s property in accordance with their prenuptial agreement. The couple married in 2004 and has three children together. In addition to vacating the property, Kevin has been ordered to pay $129,000 per month in child support.

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They will also share expenses for their children’s healthcare, extracurricular activities, and private school tuition equally. The primary reason for their split, according to Christine, is irreconcilable differences.