Kim Cattrall makes a comeback: Patricia Field not surprised by Samantha’s cameo on ‘And Just Like That…’

Kim Cattrall

The return of Kim Cattrall to the series “And Just Like That…” surprised many viewers, but one person wasn’t surprised at all. Patricia Field, the legendary costume designer who worked on the original “Sex and the City,” revealed her thoughts on Cattrall’s comeback during an interview for the premiere of the documentary named “Happy Clothes: A Film About Patricia Field.”

Field expressed that she wasn’t shocked by Cattrall’s return as Samantha Jones, one of the beloved characters from the original show. She shared that she was happy to work with Cattrall again and described their collaboration as smooth and lovely. Field was specifically brought on board to dress Cattrall’s character in the new series.

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Although Field was excited about Cattrall’s return, she couldn’t reveal any details about Samantha’s cameo in the new show. When asked for more information, Field mentioned that she had been warned not to share any specifics about the scene.

Despite keeping the cameo a secret, Field spoke warmly about her personal connection with Cattrall. She expressed her love for Cattrall and mentioned that they became friends during their time working on “Sex and the City.” Field emphasized that they continue to see each other frequently.

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Fans can look forward to the premiere of Season 2 of “And Just Like That…” on June 22, which will be available on the streaming platform Max. The series continues the story of the iconic characters from “Sex and the City” and explores their lives in the present day.

In summary, Patricia Field, the costume designer of the original show, wasn’t surprised by Kim Cattrall’s return to “And Just Like That…” Field expressed her happiness to work with Cattrall again and their strong friendship outside of the show. While Field couldn’t reveal details about the cameo, fans can anticipate the premiere of Season 2 on June 22.

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