Kim Cattrall takes a playful jab at Sex and the City before rejoining the franchise

Kim Cattrall

Kim Cattrall finds humor in the criticism of Sex and the City, even as she prepares to return to the franchise in the spin-off series And Just Like That.

Cattrall, who played Samantha, a sex-positive PR woman, in the original series and two movies, left the franchise in 2016, stating that she wanted to start a new chapter in her life.

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Recently, she shared her amusement at a tweet that made fun of her decision not to return for a third movie. The tweet featured a photo of Shakira wearing a trench coat with the word “NO” on it, suggesting that it was Cattrall’s reaction to the Sex and the City 3 script.

Cattrall responded to the tweet with a simple “Ha!!!”

This is not the first time Cattrall has made subtle jabs at the franchise. Last year, during an awards speech, she made a comment that many fans interpreted as referring to Sex and the City and her strained relationship with co-star Sarah Jessica Parker.

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Reports of tension between Cattrall and Parker have circulated for years. In a 2017 interview, Cattrall expressed that Parker could have been more supportive of her decision not to participate in the proposed third movie. She also mentioned that the cast members, including Nixon and Davis, were never close friends.

In 2018, after the death of her brother, Cattrall posted a message on Instagram that seemed to reject Parker’s condolences.

Despite the past conflicts, Cattrall will make a brief cameo in the finale of the current season of And Just Like That. She reportedly filmed the cameo separately from her former co-stars.

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Cynthia Nixon, known for her role as Miranda in the franchise, advised fans to keep their expectations in check for the short scene, as it will be very brief and have a minor impact.

Nixon expressed disappointment that the news of Cattrall’s cameo was leaked before the episode aired, as they had hoped it would be a surprise for viewers.

As the anticipation builds, there may be some letdown if viewers expect more from the cameo. It’s important to manage expectations and remember that it will be a brief and minor part in the show.