Kim Kardashian admits Kanye West may have been ‘right’ about one thing concerning their daughter North

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian, the famous reality star and entrepreneur, has always been a strong advocate for her eldest daughter, North West. One area where Kim has shown her support is in allowing North to express her creativity on social media platforms.

Kim shares a TikTok account with her 10-year-old daughter, North, who is the child of Kim’s ex-husband, Kanye West. This joint TikTok account has gained a massive following of over 16 million people. Despite facing criticism for her decision, Kim continues to defend North’s participation on the platform. In a recent interview with Time magazine, Kim expressed her determination to fight for North’s creative expression. She mentioned that North enjoys making slime videos and hair tutorials, and as a mother, Kim wants to support her daughter’s passions.

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Kim acknowledges that there is a lot of trial and error involved in determining how her children engage with social media and how they are presented on these public platforms. She understands the importance of maintaining a balance between allowing her children to explore their interests and protecting them from potential harm.

One specific incident that highlighted Kim’s cautious approach was a collaboration between her brand, Skims, and rapper Ice Spice. In a since-deleted video from March, North was seen lip-syncing to controversial lyrics from one of Ice Spice’s songs. As soon as Kim became aware of the content, she took immediate action to remove it. She also noticed comments from people on the internet saying that Kanye was right in expressing his disapproval of North’s TikTok access. Kim admitted that maybe Kanye had a point in that particular instance.

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Kim released a rare statement on her Instagram stories last year, addressing the criticism and defending her decision. Kim emphasized that as the parent who primarily cares for their children, she strives to protect her daughter while still allowing her to express her creativity under adult supervision.

Ultimately, Kim’s main goal is to bring happiness to her daughter’s life. She firmly believes that North’s involvement in creative endeavors on social media contributes to her joy and fulfillment. Kim’s unwavering support for North’s passions and her commitment to finding the right balance between protection and expression demonstrate her dedication as a mother.

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In conclusion, Kim Kardashian’s advocacy for her daughter North’s creativity on social media reflects her commitment to nurturing her child’s passions. Despite facing criticism and navigating the challenges of public platforms, Kim remains resolute in supporting North’s journey. She acknowledges the importance of maintaining boundaries and protecting her children while allowing them to explore their interests. Kim’s priority is ensuring that her daughter experiences happiness and fulfillment through her creative pursuits.