Kim Kardashian admits to feeling shy and turning off the lights in the bedroom

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian opened up about her feelings of shyness in the bedroom, admitting her preference for keeping the lights off.

In a recent episode of ‘The Kardashians,’ the 42-year-old reality TV star discussed dating with her friend Scott Disick. When Scott suggested she date an older Italian businessman, Kim expressed her hesitation towards both older and younger partners.

To illustrate her point, Kim mentioned the relationship between 77-year-old Cher and her 36-year-old partner Alexander ‘A.E.’ Edwards. While Scott praised their union, Kim admitted she would feel insecure in a similar situation.

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Scott jokingly suggested that Cher might be secure or simply prefer keeping the lights off during intimate moments. Agreeing, Kim disclosed that she tends to have the lights off most of the time.

In a confessional, Kim expressed her conflicting feelings. Despite being comfortable posing in skimpy outfits for photoshoots with large crews present, she admitted feeling self-conscious when being intimate with another person.

Kim elaborated, stating that she could confidently walk out of a photoshoot with a hundred people working on set, but when it comes to being with someone intimately, she becomes shy and requests the lights to be turned off.

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During the conversation, Kim also discussed the challenges of dating in the public eye. She mentioned the awkwardness of going on first dates while constantly being observed by others.

Scott commented that he hadn’t seen Kim going on dates lately. She explained that the public nature of her life makes it difficult for her to have normal dating experiences.

Kim described the anxiety of trying to rush a date into her home discreetly, urging the other person to hurry before anyone in the hallway sees them. The constant attention and scrutiny she faces in public make it challenging to maintain a private and normal dating life.

Reflecting on her recent high-profile romance with Pete Davidson, Kim expressed her desire to have her next relationship away from the spotlight. She acknowledged the pressure of media coverage, which made her previous relationship seem more serious than it actually was.

Kim admitted that the media’s portrayal of her relationships sometimes leads her to prolong a relationship that may not be working. The embarrassment of a quick breakup makes her feel obligated to try and make it work longer.

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In a confessional, Kim emphasized the importance of learning from past experiences and mentioned her desire to have more privacy in her personal life. She expressed a desire to “sneak around” and keep certain aspects of her relationships away from public scrutiny.

Kim concluded by stating that there is nothing wrong with wanting to maintain privacy and keep certain aspects of her life out of the public eye. She expressed a genuine desire to have more control and discretion in her next relationship.