Kim Kardashian says no to being Kanye West’s “clean-up crew” as he heads towards a low point.

Kim Kardashian

In the latest episode of ‘The Kardashians,’ Kim Kardashian opened up about her struggles with her ex-husband Kanye West. She expressed her frustration and overwhelming feelings regarding Kanye’s erratic actions, including online attacks and allegations against her family. Kim tearfully confided in her mother, Kris Jenner, about the impact it had on her and her children.

Kim admitted that she felt stuck with the situation, acknowledging that she couldn’t control Kanye’s behavior, but it still affected their kids. She emphasized the need to shield her children from the turmoil and protect them from knowing the full extent of the situation. Kim described the pain of seeing someone she once loved and shared a family with become so different from the person she knew.

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During the conversation with her mother, Kim recognized that Kanye might have to hit “rock bottom” before realizing the consequences of his actions. She revealed that in the past, she used to spend countless hours trying to clean up the messes caused by Kanye’s behavior, but she no longer had the energy for it.

Kris reminded Kim that she deserved better and shouldn’t subject herself to such distressing circumstances. They also discussed how the situation affected their children, with Kris expressing her concern about the impact on their oldest daughter, North. Kim, however, claimed that North was unaware of the drama, as she took measures to shield her children from any mention of their father in the media.

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Kim acknowledged the hurtful allegations directed at her and the blame she had received, but she emphasized her commitment to maintaining composure and grace for the sake of her children. She believed that one day her kids would appreciate her silence, understanding, and resilience.

The episode also touched upon the events leading to Kim and Kanye’s divorce. The couple had a tumultuous period, with Kanye posting erratic tweets, making troubling allegations against Kim’s family, and divulging personal details about their marriage. Kim filed for divorce in 2021, citing emotional distress caused by Kanye’s actions.

Kim’s new relationship with comedian Pete Davidson also became a target for Kanye’s attacks. Despite the challenges, Kim remained determined to be the bigger person and prioritize the well-being of her children. She expressed her concern that Kanye’s actions would have a more damaging impact on their kids than her past controversies.

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Kim recognized the importance of being there for her children, even if it meant putting on a brave face and supporting Kanye’s music in front of them. She knew that one day her children would understand the complexities of the situation, and she would be there to answer their questions.

In the end, Kim’s priority was to protect her children and ensure their well-being, even if it meant enduring the pain caused by her ex-husband’s actions. She hoped that one day her kids would see her efforts and appreciate her dedication as a mother.