La Brea: Meet Gavin’s Mother and the Actress Who Plays Her

Melissa Neal

NBC’s “La Brea” is known for its complex family dynamics, and one character in particular, Gavin Harris, played by Eoin Macken, finds himself entangled in a web of complicated relationships. As the father of two, Gavin not only interacts with his ex-wife and children as they are transported through time, but he also discovers the truth about his own mysterious parents, making the family dynamics even more intricate. In Season 2 of the show, Gavin’s parents are revealed to be alive, and their role in the narrative becomes increasingly significant.

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The big reveal about Gavin’s parentage introduces his mother as Dr. Caroline Clark, a scientist from the future. Melissa Neal portrays Dr. Clark, who is one of the creators of the Lazarus Project, the experiment responsible for the time-travel phenomenon that the characters experience in the series. In Season 2, Dr. Clark travels to the past to correct her mistakes, but as the story unfolds, her plans don’t go as expected.

Although “La Brea” is Melissa Neal’s first recurring role in a television production, she has prior acting experience. In 2021, she appeared in the Paramount+ sci-fi movie “Infinite,” playing the character Shawna. That same year, she had a minor role in the Harry Wootliff drama film “True Things.” Neal also made a guest appearance on a single episode of “FBI: International.”

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Melissa Neal’s portrayal of Dr. Caroline Clark is a significant addition to the cast in the second season of “La Brea.” However, based on how Season 2 concluded for the character, it is unlikely that she will return in the same capacity for future seasons. That being said, “La Brea” deals with time travel, so a surprise reappearance of an old character is always a possibility. Regardless, Neal seems to have enjoyed her time on the show, as she shared behind-the-scenes images on her personal Instagram account, giving fans a glimpse into the production.

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As “La Brea” continues to captivate audiences with its complex family dynamics and time-traveling plot, Melissa Neal’s portrayal of Dr. Caroline Clark adds depth and intrigue to the series. While her future involvement in the show remains uncertain, viewers can look forward to seeing how the story unfolds and whether any surprises await in the ever-shifting timeline of “La Brea.”