Lady Gaga Shares Her Emotions, Perez Hilton Betrayal, and Comparisons to Madonna

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Shares Her Struggles with Perez Hilton, Talks Madonna Comparisons

Lady Gaga revealed her troubled relationship with gossip writer Perez Hilton during an interview on The Howard Stern Show in 2013. She opened up about feeling harassed by him and expressed her disappointment in their friendship.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Gaga disclosed that Hilton had asked to live in the same apartment building as her, adding to the discomfort she felt during the interview. She also mentioned that she believed all the criticism people had towards her was due to comparisons with Madonna.

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Gaga recounted the negative experience with Hilton, stating, “He started asking me really terrible questions, and he was being very negative about Born This Way, and we had had a lot to drink. He was someone I considered a friend, and his actions left me feeling betrayed and in tears. She highlighted that his fame didn’t excuse his mistreatment of their friendship.

Despite his claims to end online harassment, Hilton had previously supported Gaga’s work on his website but criticized her fourth studio album, ARTPOP. He even suggested his Twitter followers listen to Christina Aguilera’s album instead.

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Gaga expressed her thoughts on Hilton’s behavior, saying, “He’s upset because I’ve distanced myself from him since I don’t want to be around insincere individuals. Initially, I genuinely believed he wanted to transform. I thought he aimed to reduce bullying on his website and transition to a more positive environment. I stood by him and offered my support.”

Gaga also shared her concerns about Hilton trying to live in her apartment building, interpreting it as an attempt to harm or harass her. She urged him to stop sending unpleasant texts and tweets, emphasizing that she preferred him to express his dislike from a distance.

While some fans informed Gaga about Hilton’s presence in her New York building, a source close to Hilton claimed he was looking for an apartment in Manhattan and had no knowledge of Gaga living there.

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Additionally, Gaga addressed the ongoing comparisons to Madonna, stating that much of the controversy stemmed from that association. She emphasized that she didn’t view herself as a threat to Madonna’s “throne” and identified more with her fans than as a queen.

In response to Gaga’s interview, Hilton took to Twitter and retweeted negative comments about Gaga’s album. However, Gaga has not responded to Hilton’s recent tweets.