Lady Gaga wins legal battle, not obligated to reward dognapper for “finding” stolen bulldogs

Lady Gaga

In 2021, Lady Gaga’s dog walker was shot but survived, while her two French bulldogs were stolen. In response, Gaga offered a reward of $500,000 to anyone who could provide information on the thieves, with no questions asked. Jennifer McBride later returned the dogs, but Gaga refused to give her the reward. McBride then sued Gaga for the money. However, after two years, a judge has dismissed the lawsuit, relieving Gaga from paying McBride. The reason? McBride was involved in the theft of the dogs in the first place.

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It turns out that McBride, who was present during the theft and the shooting, eventually took the dogs to the police, claiming she had found them. However, McBride faced charges for possessing stolen items and assisting in the crime after the incident. In December, she pleaded no contest and received two years of probation. Despite her involvement in the crime, she still tried to claim the $500,000 reward. The judge in the case ruled that McBride cannot profit from her participation in a crime. It’s a decision that seems obvious, as TMZ puts it: “AKA, uh… duh!”

However, this situation raises an interesting point. If a reward is advertised as “no questions asked,” should there be limitations on the questions that can be asked? McBride argued that Gaga’s offer was unilateral, meaning there should be no conditions attached to the reward. But the legal system did not see it that way. The judge ruled that Gaga’s reward did not allow McBride to profit from her criminal actions.

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It’s worth pondering what other questions could be asked that would necessitate a “no questions asked” reward. But in this case, McBride’s attempt to claim the reward was rightfully denied. Lady Gaga’s offer was intended to encourage the return of her beloved pets without consequences, not to reward those involved in the theft.

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In the end, the judge’s decision holds Gaga exempt from paying McBride. The incident serves as a reminder that a “no questions asked” reward does not mean immunity from legal repercussions. Lady Gaga’s dogs were eventually returned, and now she can put this legal battle behind her.