Laura Dave discusses the Last Thing He Told Me finale and shares her ideas for a potential sequel.

Laura Dave

The Last Thing He Told Me concluded with impactful last words from Hannah’s husband, Owen. In the beginning, Owen left a note instructing Hannah to protect someone before vanishing due to his company’s legal issues. In the finale, Hannah and her daughter, Bailey, uncover the truth about Owen and decide not to change their identities. However, Owen reappears briefly to express his love for Hannah before disappearing again. The finale also reveals that Bailey has accepted Hannah as her mother.

Laura Dave, the author of the book and co-creator of the show, discussed the differences between the book and the series. The show added more backstory and altered certain events to provide a deeper understanding of the characters. Dave emphasized that the show aimed to maintain the theme of a call and an answer, evident in the first and last lines of the series. Despite various detours, the focus remained on that central connection.

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Dave highlighted a pivotal scene between David Morse’s character, Nicholas Bell, and Jennifer Garner’s character, Hannah Hall, in episode 7. She explained that this meeting, rather than being violent, was a clash of minds and manipulation. It portrayed the characters’ conflicting motivations and their unexpected resolution driven by their love for Bailey.

Regarding the finale, Dave pondered Owen’s perspective on Hannah’s decision. She revealed that the original ending of the book involved Owen’s point of view, but it was later changed to explore the concept of truly knowing the ones we love. Dave suggested that Owen may not have anticipated Hannah’s actions but trusted her to prioritize Bailey’s well-being.

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Dave also addressed the criticism surrounding Owen’s return and whether it was selfish. While acknowledging the possible anger from viewers, she mentioned that Owen had his reasons for coming back. Additionally, she confirmed that Hannah would inform Bailey about the encounter.

When asked about a potential sequel, Dave initially had no intention of writing one but admitted that readers’ passionate responses to the ending made her consider it. Reflecting on her evolving feelings about the ending, Dave explained that the initial version concluded with a traditional reunion between Hannah and Owen. However, as the story developed into a tale of finding one’s way to motherhood, she embraced the current ending that celebrates different forms of family. She acknowledged the ambiguity in the final scene, where the door is both open and closed, leaving room for interpretation.

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Dave concluded by discussing the lasting impact of the ending, which combines heartbreak and hope. She appreciated Jennifer Garner’s emotional response to the word “mom” in the script, emphasizing the theme of being the grownup in the room and making sacrifices for the well-being of children.