Lea Michele’s Unstoppable Performance of ‘Don’t Rain on My Parade’ at the Tonys

Lea Michele

At the 2023 Tony Awards, Lea Michele took the stage to perform the iconic song “Don’t Rain on My Parade.” It marked the second time she performed this song at the Tonys, despite being ineligible for a Tony Award both times. This peculiar repetition raises some interesting observations about her involvement in the awards ceremony and her connection to the song.

Lea Michele, known for her roles in Broadway musicals and the television show Glee, has a strong association with “Don’t Rain on My Parade.” The song originally comes from the musical Funny Girl, which Michele currently stars in on Broadway. However, it first gained prominence when she performed it as part of a Glee ensemble number at the Tony Awards 13 years ago.

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It’s quite unusual for an artist to perform the same song at the Tony Awards on multiple occasions, especially when they are not eligible for a Tony nomination. Yet, Michele has done so, showcasing her affinity for “Don’t Rain on My Parade.” Although she has sung other songs throughout her career, this particular song seems to hold a special place for her.

While the song choice remains the same, there are notable differences between the two performances. In 2010, Michele’s rendition on the Tony stage was characterized by a memorable moment when she walked through the aisles, singing directly to Beyoncé and Jay-Z, who appeared somewhat uncomfortable. This interaction added an unexpected element to the performance and captured the attention of viewers.

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Fast forward to the 2023 Tony Awards, and Michele’s approach to the song had evolved. This time, she refrained from walking through the aisles and engaging with specific audience members. The performance focused solely on her vocals and stage presence. The 13-year gap between the two performances brought about a change in style and presentation.

It’s intriguing to consider the reasons behind Michele’s decision to perform “Don’t Rain on My Parade” twice at the Tonys. Perhaps it holds personal significance for her, serving as a tribute to her love for musical theater and the roles she has portrayed. Alternatively, it could be a deliberate choice to showcase her vocal prowess and captivate the audience with a familiar and beloved song.

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Despite the absence of Tony Award eligibility, Michele’s performances of “Don’t Rain on My Parade” at the Tonys have left a lasting impression. They highlight her talent as a performer and her ability to bring a classic song to life on stage. While some may find it curious or repetitive, others appreciate the opportunity to witness her interpretation of the song in different contexts and stages of her career.

As the curtain falls on another Tony Awards ceremony, Lea Michele’s connection to “Don’t Rain on My Parade” remains a curious and fascinating aspect of her artistic journey. Only time will tell if she will revisit this beloved song in future performances or choose new avenues to showcase her immense talent and passion for the stage.