Leigh-Anne Pinnock reveals relaxed Jamaican wedding details

Leigh-Anne Pinnock

During an interview on the Hits Radio Breakfast Show, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, a member of the popular girl group Little Mix, shared details about her “laidback” Jamaican wedding. The 31-year-old singer shared some delightful details about her special day, which took place earlier this month and involved her soccer star husband Andre Gray.

Describing the wedding, Leigh-Anne couldn’t contain her excitement, exclaiming, “It was beautiful.” One of the memorable moments was when Jahmene Douglas, a fellow contestant from The X Factor, sang as she walked down the aisle. The soulful voice of Jahmene and the presence of a gospel choir created a truly stunning atmosphere.

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Leigh-Anne further revealed that their first dance as a married couple was to the song “The Line” by Dvsn. It was a slow and romantic dance, adding to the overall ambiance of the day. When it came to the wedding breakfast, the couple enjoyed delicious dishes such as curried chicken and fish. Leigh-Anne couldn’t help but praise the quality of the food, which was truly excellent.

Given the Jamaican setting, Leigh-Anne emphasized the laidback nature of their wedding. However, she admitted that things ran about an hour late and there were some minor organizational issues. Despite these small hiccups, she reminded herself to stay calm and cherish the moment. She acknowledged that even though things didn’t go exactly as planned, the day was still perfect in its own way.

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Leigh-Anne and Andre’s love story began in 2016, and in August 2021, they welcomed their twins into the world. The couple has chosen to keep the names and genders of their babies private, allowing them to enjoy their precious family moments away from the public eye.

During the radio interview, Leigh-Anne took the opportunity to promote her debut solo single, “Don’t Say Love,” which was released on Friday. This marked a significant milestone in her career as she embarked on a solo musical journey separate from her success with Little Mix. The release of her solo work represents an exciting new chapter for Leigh-Anne as an artist.

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In summary, Leigh-Anne Pinnock delighted fans by sharing insights into her laidback Jamaican wedding. From the beautiful ceremony with a soulful performance by Jahmene Douglas to the delicious food and the need to remain calm despite minor hiccups, Leigh-Anne’s wedding day was a memorable experience. As she continues to explore her solo music career, fans can anticipate more exciting projects and heartfelt performances from this talented artist.