Lily-Rose Depp and Sam Levinson discuss how the twist in ‘The Idol’ finale reveals Tedros as a ‘victim’

The Weeknd and Lily-Rose Depp

Controversial TV series “The Idol” concluded with a surprising twist in which Lily-Rose Depp’s character, Jocelyn, reveals herself to be in control and Abel Tesfaye’s character, Tedros, as the victim.

In the fifth episode titled “Jocelyn Forever,” the show attempts to change viewers’ perception of Jocelyn’s power dynamic with Tedros. While the first four episodes portrayed Jocelyn as a victim of Tedros’ ruthless actions, the finale reveals that she had been orchestrating events all along.

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In the episode, Tedros is struggling after being kicked out of Jocelyn’s crew. Jocelyn informs her tour promoter that she has been nurturing other artists discovered by Tedros, and they will serve as her support acts during her tour.

Jocelyn’s manager, Chaim, tries to bribe Tedros to leave Jocelyn’s life. However, in a surprising turn of events, Tedros shows up at Jocelyn’s concert at SoFi Stadium. Jocelyn invites him on stage, calling him “the love of her life,” much to the confusion and anger of her management team.

The audience witnesses Jocelyn publicly declaring her love for Tedros and asking him to join her onstage. Tedros, bewildered, walks onto the stage, and they share a kiss. Jocelyn tells him to stand aside and claims him as hers while the crowd chants her name.

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Lily-Rose Depp, the actress playing Jocelyn, explains that the audience may initially perceive Tedros as taking advantage of Jocelyn in the first few episodes. However, as the story unfolds, it becomes clear that Jocelyn knows exactly what she is doing and manipulates the situation to her advantage.

Creator Sam Levinson reveals that Jocelyn has been searching for inspiration throughout the season, using Tedros as a conduit for her creative unlocking. He suggests that Jocelyn’s character is calculated and strategic, stopping at nothing to achieve her goals, while Tedros becomes the victim of her manipulation.

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While the twist was intended to be a revelation, many viewers expressed disappointment and dissatisfaction with the ending, criticizing the dialogue and actions of the lead characters. Despite the negative reception, all episodes of “The Idol” are available for streaming on NOW.