Lionel Richie Compares Zachariah Smith to Michael Jackson on ‘American Idol’ Before His Elimination.

Lionel Richie

The current season of “American Idol” is nearing its end, and the top five contestants gave their all during the show’s annual Disney night. As fans voted at home, judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan watched the contestants perform their hearts out, eagerly anticipating the results that would determine who would make it to the finale.

Throughout the competition, the judges have repeatedly praised this season’s crop of contestants, considering them the best they have seen yet. Lionel Richie even compared one singer to the legendary Michael Jackson, while Katy Perry, dressed as Elastigirl from “The Incredibles,” predicted that another contestant had the potential to win the entire show.

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The evening started with a bang as the first contestant took the stage. The judges were impressed by the contestant’s star quality and commented on their impeccable performance. Katy Perry, known for her Disney night puns, praised the contestant for being a “superhero of vocals.”

Each contestant gave it their all, hoping to secure their spot in the competition. Zachariah Smith, a 20-year-old father and grill cook from Amory, Mississippi, rocked the stage with his rendition of “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” from “The Lion King.” The judges were in awe of his talent, with Katy Perry even suggesting that he may become a king himself. Smith continued to impress with his second performance, singing “Life Is a Highway” from “Cars,” earning praise for his energy and stage presence.

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Colin Stough, an 18-year-old HVAC technician from Amory, Mississippi, showcased his talent with a powerful rendition of “Real Gone” from “Cars.” The judges commended his confidence and applauded his willingness to take risks on stage. Stough’s second performance of “Nobody Knows” from “Pete’s Dragon” captivated the audience, earning him high praise for his growth as an artist.

Megan Danielle, a 21-year-old server and Christian singer from Douglasville, Georgia, delivered a soaring performance of “You Can’t Stop the Girl” from “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil.” The judges were amazed by her growth and the range she displayed in her vocals. Danielle’s rendition of “Carried Me With You” from “Onward” left the judges standing in awe, praising her effortless and natural talent.

Iam Tongi, an 18-year-old from Kahuku, Hawaii, impressed the judges with her simple and elegant performance of “Lava” from the short film of the same name. Katy Perry commended Tongi for knowing exactly who she is and embracing her identity. Tongi closed the show with a tender rendition of “Father and Son” from “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2,” leaving the judges convinced that something magical was happening with her journey on the show.

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As the evening came to a close, the judges shared their thoughts on the contestants’ performances. Lionel Richie expressed his belief that one of the contestants was destined to win the competition, while Katy Perry saw a bright future for another contestant, declaring them the next “American Idol.”

With the top five contestants giving their all on Disney night, the anticipation grew for the announcement of who would move on to the finale. The journey of this season’s “American Idol” is nearing its end, and the remaining contestants are leaving a lasting impression with their incredible performances and undeniable talent.

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